Star Trek Discovery … ?

18 Jul

The brilliant trailers have us salivating for this next incarnation of
Star Trek

but continuous setbacks have now slotted it for Fall 2017 …

Then there’s questions about it accessibility when if finally arrives. 

Just have to wait and see.

Grrrrrrrr rrr r r r r r …

“Im getting damn ornery.”


Calgary Stampede Champions 2017

17 Jul
Smoking Gun / Lianna Rose 

Wild Bunch Page added …

13 Jul

After years of procrastinating, I’ve finally gotten around to adding my
Wild Bunch page …

“’bout damn time!”

I still have some stuff to add to it, but it’s huge already.

Hope you like it.

Tombstone Rashomon …

4 Jul

Some folks around Tombstone got restless.


The Fab Four

Alex Cox and DOG Holiday

A cast of thousands.

Tombstone Rashomon to be filmed at Old Tucson Studios.


Like I said: must be a hoot.


Independence Day / 2017

4 Jul

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Honoring our American Friends on
Independence Day

A special nod to GP Cox over at Pacific Paratrooper

A Day To Celebrate Canada 150 Birthday

4 Jul

A Canadian friend celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday. Hurrah !

The Orange & Brown Photography blog

                                                    A Day To Celebrate Canada 150 Birthday

                                                              Canada Sesquicentennial !!!

                                                            A Morning at Confederation Park

As a Photographer on Canada Day I Began my Canada Day with a Pancake breakfast down at Calgary Confederation Park to see the unavailing of the 1967 Time Capsule. Before the Time Capsule was opened by the Mayor. There was a free Pancake breakfast by stampede caravan. I took this picture of the 1967  time Capsule with my Canon 70 D.

Capsule Canon 70D ISO 100

The Time Capsule was open by mayor Nenshi at 11 Am on a beautiful hot sunny July 1’st . Inside the Capsule was a sent of coins, newspaper from the opening of Confederation park and program of the official opening of the park. They will put in…

View original post 43 more words

Hickok … 2017

3 Jul

The Gunfighter


Every year a number of B quality Westerns come out. People just love to make Westerns it seems (which is good) – even if they know they aren’t go set the town on fire. It must be a hoot?
And it always helps if you can round up a couple of Stars that will light up the screen a bit.
Hickok – somehow – was able to do that.

Yep, he’s the older brother of actors Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

I can’t tell how large Kris or Bruce’s roles are. Sometimes they
can just be cameos in these things? Have to wait and see.

I’ve gotten real good at capturing muzzle flash from screen caps.

 James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok


Season Seven …

3 Jul

A Game of Thrones / 2017

July 16, 2017

Ready when you are … 

Henry Hathaway / Sunset Pass / Kathleen Burke …

3 Jul


Sunset Pass / 1933

Kathleen B. Burke (September 5, 1913 — April 9, 1980) was an American movie actress of the 1930’s, and former model.
Kathleen was a dental assistant in Chicago, before winning a talent contest sponsored by Paramount Pictures to play Lota the “Panther Woman” in Island of Lost Souls (1932 – You gotta pay your dues.), the first screen version of H.G. Wells’s novel The Island of Dr. Moreau. The contest allegedly had 60,000 applicants from around the country.
This led to more than a film career of 22 moves over six years, usually as the leading lady along side of Randolph Scott (Sunset Pass and Rocky Mountain Mystery), Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Buster CrabbeCharles Laughton, Spencer Tracy, W.C. Fields, George and Gracie Allen, Ronald Coleman,  Rosalind Russell
Her final film role was in 1938, whereupon she retired from screen acting at the age of 25 !!!

Sunset Pass 1933Island of Lost Souls (1932)

Canada … 150 Years

2 Jul

I know there’s plenty of good places to live on this planet … 
but this is pretty good. 


Buchart Gardens / Spring 2017

29 Jun

Ian Tamblyn

Buchart Gardens is big

No Drones. No Smoking. Dogs OK.

Spring Blossoms …
Spring Tulips.


Henry Hathaway / Sunset Pass / Harry Carey …

23 Jun

sons of the pioneers

Sunset Pass / 1933

I got this notion that I would give some of the Support Cast in Sunset Pass a nod. That would be Harry Carey, Kathleen Burke, and Noah Beery Sr. (I’ll do a whole thing on Randolph Scott at a later date. That will be a huge project.)

In my usual Western ignorance I didn’t realize that Harry Carey had been a Living Legend in early Westerns and had a massive film legacy. Soooo …

Wikipedia: Harry Carey (January 16, 1878 – September 21, 1947) was an American actor and one of silent film’s earliest superstars. He is credited on Internet Movie Database (IMDB) with 267 acting credits. One of his best known performances is as the President of the Senate in the drama film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), for which he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He was the father of Harry Carey Jr., who was also a prominent actor. Throughout the 1920s Carey was a Western Superstar who occasionally assumed screenwriting, producing and directing assignments.

In the 1948 John Ford film, 3 Godfathers, Carey is remembered at the beginning of the film and dubbed “Bright Star of the early western sky

Harry Carey Jr., John Wayne, and Pedro Armendariz

John Wayne said that Harry Carey “was the greatest Western actor of all time,” and paid a tribute to him by holding his right elbow with his left hand – imitating a stance Carey himself often used in his films – in the closing shot of at the end of John Ford’s classic The Searchers (1956), when he walks away from the character played by Carey’s widow Olive, and is framed by the doorway in the final scene.  According to Wayne, both he and Olive wept when the scene was finished.

In 1976, Carey was inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

In 1987, his name was emblazoned along the Walk of the Western Stars on Main Street in Old Town Newhall in Santa Clarita, California. (His son, Harry Carey Jr. was also honored in 2005).

The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1919) directed by John Ford
Harry in one of his trademark poses – leaning on the saddlehorn.
Harry was the Leading Man in many early Westerns.
Remarkable photo: 
Early Film Crew
From Rodeo cowgirl Vera McGinnis’s photo album includes young John Ford (seated fourth from left, with cowboy hat and glasses) and Harry Carey Sr. (seated third from right). Harry Carey Jr., said the photo looked to be taken in 1917, in Placerita Canyon near Newhall, California, where the duo had filmed many of their early films. Carey Sr. and Ford made 26 silent Westerns, but only three have survived. Sadly, the rest “rotted in the cans,” Carey Jr. told True West. “Nobody bothered to even try and save ’em.”
– courtesy Jendreau family collection
Illustration of an article in The Moving Picture World. “From left to right: Bud Osborne, rider and steer bulldogger ; Joe Rickson, champion Roman rider ; Tommy Grimes, champion bucking horse rider ; Pedro Leon, the man who can rope fifteen riders with his lariat ; Neal Hart, former Wyoming sheriff and range rider ; Harry Carey, and Bill Gillis, Texas cowpuncher and all-round rider of bucking horses and steers.”
MFW: Quite a few early Western Film Actors were real cowboys – or had ‘earned their spurs’.
Harry had a ranch.
Harry Carey / The 3 Godfathers / 1948
Only the Hero gets to kiss the gal.

Harry eventually had to step back. 
But he never stepped out.
 Marked Men (1919)
West is West (1920)
That looks like a flush Harry. 
The Last of the Clintons (1935)
No comment.


Clint Eastwood death hoax …

21 Jun


I’m not that easy to kill. 

Don’t believe everything you read.
Or else …


Father’s Day

18 Jun

The spiritual quest is not some added benefit to our life, something you embark on if you have the time and inclination.
We are spiritual beings on an earthly journey. Our spirituality makes up our beingness.  – John Bradshaw

My relationship with my Father was non existent. He didn’t harm me or abuse in any fashion you might normally associate with those terms. It was purely neglect. He just ignored me. Never spoke to me. Never touched me. Never said he loved me. As far as I know he didn’t. He wasn’t capable. His own upbringing was the problem. His own Father was never around for him. He had been a military man and always off somewhere fighting in the Boer War – or whatever. Never around. In other words, my Father had a wounded childhood. And me merely behaved or acted out in the same fashion as his own Father. That was his model. As they say, “The sins of the father are visited upon the son.” Too true.

Understanding what happened to my father helps me forgive him somewhat. But it’s hard. My own wounds still exist. I’ve healed them somewhat, but for a boy your Father is a God. You need his love, his guidance and support. That’s hard to recover.

When I left home (couldn’t leave fast enough) I didn’t know even one thing for my simple survival. I couldn’t drive a car. (He refused to teach me.) I didn’t know how to open a bank account, how to look for work … absolutely nothing. No survival skills. I then spent 20 years teaching myself stuff that most any kid would know before they left home. But that was only part of it.

Was I bitter? Am I bitter? Your God Damned rights I am.

However, would I be surprised to discover that I had done exactly the same thing to him in some past life? Not at all. Karma.

So I’m absolutely certain everything was set up for Spiritual reasons – necessary for my unfoldment – which is the ONLY thing that really matters – and the only thing you can take with you when you leave this place.

But it ain’t easy.

Who said it would be?


In the interim I encountered some worthy things. One of those things was the works of John Bradshaw. At some point I was guided to use his healing methods. I was blatantly told that I could progress no further on my journey unless I took up his works. I needed to heal some stuff and surface and get rid of some things that were holding me back. The book I was to use was Homecoming: Reclaiming and Healing Your Inner Child. I joined a class of about 8 people and worked through the Chapters and Exercises on a monthly basis. The results were astounding. I had no idea of the immense repressed and suppressed pain that I held within myself. I literally saw a large black ball of repressed emotions in my solar plexus – hard as an Indian rubber ball. And when this started surface, dissolve and break up the pain was excruciating. Incredibly agonizing. Sometimes I could only lay on my bed in a fetal position and cry … and cry … for hours. I had no idea all this was locked in there. But it was. Bradshaw’s methods released it. So I became free enough to move along. Some people think this stuff is airy fairy New Age nonsense. I can tell you that it isn’t – it works – and works very well.

Am I completely healed then? No, of course not. You do this stuff in degrees.

I have no children in this lifetime. I never felt I should. I always felt that it would a disservice to them if I did because of the way I am. That I couldn’t be the Father that I should be. Maybe that was a mistake? I don’t know.


To A Child

The greatest poem ever known
Is one all poets have outgrown:
The poetry, innate, untold,
Of being only four years old.

Still young enough to be a part
Of Nature’s great impulsive heart,
Born comrade of bird, beast, and tree
And unselfconscious as the bee—

And yet with lovely reason skilled
Each day new paradise to build;
Elate explorer of each sense,
Without dismay, without pretense!

In your unstained transparent eyes
There is no conscience, no surprise:
Life’s queer conundrums you accept,
Your strange divinity still kept.

Being, that now absorbs you, all
Harmonious, unit, integral,
Will shred into perplexing bits,—
Oh, contradictions of the wits!

And Life, that sets all things in rhyme,
may make you poet, too, in time—
But there were days, O tender elf,
When you were Poetry itself!

– Christopher Morley


 John Bradshaw

      John Elliot Bradshaw (June 29, 1933 – May 8, 2016) was an American educator, counselor, motivational speaker, and author who hosted a number of PBS television programs on topics such as addiction, recovery, codependency, and spirituality. Bradshaw was active in the self-help movement, and was credited with popularizing such ideas as the “wounded inner child” and the dysfunctional family. In promotional materials, interviews, and reviews of his work, he was often referred to as a theologian. (From Wikipedia)

       John Bradshaw was a very special man and his works have helped many, many thousands of people. He definitely manifested himself to great service for his fellow humans.


  • Bradshaw On: The Family – 1986
  • Bradshaw on the Family: A Revolutionary Way of Self Discovery. Deerfield Beach, Florida: Health Communications. 1988. ISBN 978-0932194541.
  • Bradshaw On: Healing the Shame that Binds You. Deerfield Beach, Florida: Health Communications. 1988. ISBN 978-0757303234.
  • Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child. New York, NY: Bantam Books. 1990. ISBN 978-0-553-35389-1.
  • Creating Love. New York, NY: Bantam Books. 1992. ISBN 978-0-553-37305-9.
  • Family Secrets. New York, NY: Bantam Books. 1995. ISBN 978-0-553-37498-8.
  • Bradshaw On: The Family: A New Way of Creating Solid Self-Esteem. Deerfield Beach, Florida: Health Communications. 1996. ISBN 978-1-55874-427-1.
  • Reclaiming Virtue: How We Can Develop the Moral Intelligence to Do the Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason. New York, NY: Bantam Books. 2009. ISBN 978-0-553-09592-0.
  • Post-Romantic Stress Disorder: What to Do When the Honeymoon Is Over. Deerfield Beach, Florida: Health Communications. 2014.


  • Spotlight: weekly program (host), 1969–1972
  • The Bradshaw Difference: syndicated talk show produced by MGM, 1996
  • Speaking the Truth in Love: Independent Production 2009

PBS television network

  • The Eight Stages of Man: eight-part series, 1982
  • Bradshaw On the Family: ten-part series, 1985
  • Where Are You Father?: one-hour program, 1986
  • Healing the Shame that Binds You: one-hour program, 1987
  • Adult Children Of Dysfunctional Families: two-hour program, 1988
  • Surviving Divorce: ninety-minute program, 1989
  • Bradshaw On Homecoming: ten-part series, 1990
  • Creating Love: ten-part series, 1992–1993
  • Eating Disorders: three-part series, 1994–1995
  • Bradshaw On: Family Secrets: six-part series, 1995


Henry Hathaway / Director of Westerns / Part 9 / Sunset Pass / 1933

16 Jun

harry nilsson

Henry Hathaway / Director of Westerns
Sunset Pass / 1933

ROMANCE and ADVENTURE tuned to thundering hoofbeats … as a two-gun hero fights his way to a girl’s heart!

      In 1933, Henry Hathaway Directed 6 Westerns, but in many like Sunset Pass the cast includes at least 4 icons of early Western CinemaRandolph Scott, Tom KeeneHarry Carey, and Noah Beery. So it’s sad to see that some seem to be forgotten and lost.

But by the looks of this AllMovie write up maybe is deserves to be lost:

AllMovie Synopsis by Sandra Brennan

      In this western, a US marshal goes undercover to bust up a bunch of rustlers. The history behind the film is as interesting as the story. Paramount made this during the Depression when the studio was teetering towards bankruptcy. To save money, much of this film was comprised of footage from the earlier films of former western star Jack Holt. The long shots were old silent footage, while the close-shots were of different actors wearing exactly the same costumes. Paramount made 9 other westerns in this way.


Sunset Pass Posters

      Two other versions of Sunset Pass (1929) and Sunset Pass (1946) have been made.


The Cast

Randolph Scott

Harry Carey, Randolph Scott and Noah Beery Sr.

Randolph Scott, Kathleen Burke, Tom Keene and Fuzzy Knight

Tom Keene

Almost forgotten now, Tom Keene was a well known and popular Western Star of his day who made about 41 Westerns between 1928 and 1959.

Kathleen Burke and Tom Keene

Kathleen Burke

Turkish Cowboys !!!

16 Jun

My blog stats show that 201 people in Turkey
looked at My Favorite Westerns yesterday !!!

TÜRK arkadaşlarımıza hoş geldiniz!

Go Turkey !!

Saddle Up Pilgrim !!

Welcome All Cowboys from Turkey !!!

Adam West / Cowboy

13 Jun

“Of what use is a dream if not a blueprint
for courageous action.”
– Adam West

Adam West had 193 Acting credits.
And before Batman, Adam acted in a fair number of 
TV Westerns and Movies:

1990 Zorro (TV Series)

 1975 Nevada Smith (TV Movie)
1972 Alias Smith and Jones (TV Series)
(1968) The Big Valley (TV Series)

1965 The Relentless Four (Spaghetti Western)

1963 Gunsmoke (TV Series)

1961-1963 Laramie (TV Series)

1962 Geronimo (Movie)

1961 The Rifleman (TV Series)

1961 Bonanza (TV Series)

1961 Tales of Wells Fargo (TV Series)
1960 Overland Trail (TV Series)
1959 Maverick (TV Series)

1959 Colt .45 (TV Series)
1959 Bronco (TV Series)
(1959) Cheyenne (TV Series)

1959 Sugarfoot (TV Series)

1959 Lawman (TV Series)

Back at cha Adam!


What a trip.

Nope … just exceptional people. 

2017 Stanley Cup Champs …

12 Jun

Crosby and Penguins win Cup !!!

Two years in a row. Impressive. 

Day Trip to Aspen Crossing …

9 Jun

kingston trio / fast freight

Rose got this notion to do a Day Trip to Aspen Crossing, about an hours drive south of Calgary.

There’s lots of things to do at Aspen Crossing, but we were only interested in going for a bite at the John Diefenbaker Dining Car.

Lotsa room to park.

I parked just across the road.

Gift Shop and Garden Centre

The Diefenbaker Dining Car

All Aboard !! Katie and Rose


We go for the breakfast buffet.

Very nice. Even BBQ Beef Ribs. 

Coulda had a Diefenburger though.
Next time … 

 Never saw a rooster … 
but spotted an Indian.

Not a real train.

Not real Gnomes.

 In the Gift Shop I seek out Pappy – my Consultant.
Pappy gives Free Advice – for a dollar.
I pay up.
Pappy says:
“Hard work will pay off eventually.
But goofing off works immediately.”
Thanks Pappy.

Just then the Train rolls in …

Looks pretty good. 

Meanwhile … 

… Rose is driving another car into the ground.

Homeward …


Clint …

8 Jun

Rawhide … Frankie Laine

Found this image of Clint from Rawhide … 

Tried a few things with it …
but … 

Alberta Tornado …

4 Jun

“Darn dandelions … ” 

This photo is for real.

Seems like we’re getting more and more tornadoes up here as years go by. They used to be almost unheard of.
Yet …

Wikipedia: “The Pine Lake, Alberta tornado was a deadly tornado in central Alberta which occurred on July 14, 2000 and struck a campground and a trailer park. Twelve people were killed, making it the first deadly tornado in Canada since 1987, when an F4 tornado killed 27 people in Edmonton Alberta and injured 300+”

This was classed as a Category One – the lowest rating – and caused only minimal damage.

Now upgraded to F2 they say …




Memorial …

3 Jun


Thank You …

Our Friends

Henry Hathaway / Director of Westerns / Part 8 / Under the Tonto Rim / 1933

2 Jun

greg allman

Henry Hathaway / Director of Westerns
Under the Tonto Rim / 1933

— and he had to live up to it!

Director Henry Hathaway was 35 years old in 1933.


      Tonto Daley (Erwin) A complete failure as a ranch cowhand – then a chuck wagon driver, his embarrassment is total after accidentally causing a wagon to tip over and his boss’s daughter Nina Weston to fall into a creek.

      He hits the trail with his tail between his legs, taking a job from Porky and Tom to become a hog farmer. He is miserable and lonely, and things get worse when former foreman Munther tries to railroad Tonto in the rustling of some cattle. He finds out Porky and Tom are in on it, and Nina becomes Tonto’s ally in the fight to make things right.

Then things finally take a turn …

      Under the Tonto Rim (1933) seems to be almost a lost movie. I could find no Trailers – or clips – and very few reviews.

From buffoon to hero, Tonto gets the gal (Verna Hillie).

Caterwauling cowboysVerna Hillie with unidentified steed.

Stuart Erwin

Between 1928 and 1968 Erwin appeared in about 120 movies.
He specialized in playing the average Joe, hayseeds
and semi-buffoonish sidekicks.
But was best as boxer Joe Palooka of comic strip fame (Palooka,1939)
and as Judy Garland’s dense brother in Pigskin Parade (1936),
which earned him an Academy Award nomination.
 Under the Tonto Rim / Zane Grey / 1926

Verna Hillie

Verna Hillie (5 May 1914 – 3 October 1997) was an American film actress. She starred opposite John Wayne in the 1934 films The Star Packer and The Trail Beyond. She made 19 movies in her career.

Four days on ‘The Island’ —- The Salish Sea

29 May

i write the songs

The morning regimen:

Hardtack and a few berries.

On the way to the Aquarium …

… I spot an old Seadog.

Quickly I don my Snake Plissken eyepatch
and Capn’ Hook mustache for a photo op!!

We finally make to the Aquarium.

Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea

The entrance is impressive.  Reminds me of the
Nautilus submarine from Walt Disney’s version of
Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)!
One of my favorite movies!

The Salish Sea covers quite an area. 

The Aquarium is quite small really – by Aquarium standards. I’ve been
in some huge ones – like in Vancouver or Monterey. But it has a
lot of features aimed at children.

Octopus on the glass.

There be whales here.

3 old dogs downtown. 

Sir Roger Moore

28 May

you only live twice / nancy sinatra

Sir Roger Moore 
1927 – 2017

“Working with UNICEF made me grow up
and recognize how fortunate I am.”

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

Supports UNICEF’s Unite Against AIDS Campaign
Had spoken at a function for a charity helping the homeless, Passage, which his daughter, Deborah Moore, supports.

Charities & foundations supported 15

Roger Moore has supported the following charities:

He said that his work in Charities
was the most rewarding thing that he ever did.

Roger Moore / Cowboy

The Alaskans / 1959–1960

On a Westerns theme, people may have forgotten some of the work Roger did in his career.

Roger as “Silky Harris

with Dorothy Provine and Jeff York

Maverick TV Series / 1960 – 1962

Roger played Beau Maverick in the TV Series.

From Wikipedia:

After James Garner quit over a contract dispute after the series’ third year Roger Moore was brought in as cousin Beau Maverick, nephew of Beau “Pappy” Maverick. (Ironically Sean Connery had turned down this role). Garner was super popular as Bret Maverick – or Roger was in tough it in replacing him.

Beau’s jest

Similar to Garner, Moore had a flair for light comedy and was physically similarity to GarnerMoore noted that when he got to wardrobe, all of his costumes had the name “Jim Garner” scratched out on the tags.

Moore had already played Maverick dialogue written for Garner in his earlier series, The Alaskans. The studio had a policy of recycling scripts through their various television series to save money on writers, changing as little dialogue as possible, usually only names and locations.

Jack Kelly (Bart Maverick) and Moore (Beau Maverick)

Moore quit Maverick due to what he felt was a declining script quality (without having to resort to legal measures as Garner had); he insisted that if he had gotten the level of writing Garner had enjoyed during the first two years of the show’s run, he would have stayed.

In a final attempt to recreate Garner, Robert Colbert was brought in as Brent Maverick. 

Gold of the Seven Saints / 1960

Leticia Roman and Moore

Moonraker / James Bond

Eastwood parody ?

Thanks Roger

When the Daltons Rode / 1940 Part 2 / Kay Francis

26 May

as time goes by / peggy lee
written by herman hupfeld / 1931

I thought I’d do a bit on Kay Francis – co-Star of When the Daltons Rode.
As usual, this project turned out to be MUCH larger than I figured.
But it was a rather amazing project.

Randolph Scott / Key Francis

Kay Francis – A short Bio

     Kay Francis is possibly the biggest of the ‘forgotten stars‘ from Hollywood’s Golden Era. Yet, for a while in the 1930s, she ranked as one of the most popular actresses of the day. By 1935 she was earning a yearly salary of $115,000 (compared to Bette Davis with $18,000). And by the mid-thirties, she was one of the highest-paid people in the United States – playing sophisticated seductresses opposite stars like William Powell and Ronald Colman.

      From 1932 through 1936, Francis was the queen of the Warner Brothers Studios lot and increasingly her films were developed as star vehicles.  From the years 1930 to 1937, Kay appeared on the covers of 38 film magazines, the most for any adult performer and second only to Shirley Temple.

       With the start of World War II, Francis did volunteer work, including extensive war-zone touring, which was first chronicled in a book attributed to fellow volunteer Carole Landis, Four Jills in a Jeep, which became a popular 1944 film of the same name.

      Kay Francis filmography is 64 movies.

Kay’s Pics

I didn’t intend to post this many of Kay’s images. But I could easily have posted dozens more – they are so amazing. Judge for yourself.

The thing about these images is their incredible quality. This is Art. A lost Art. Publicity photos??! Many of these pics qualify as Masterpieces of Portrait Photography. Simple as that.

What can I say? Stunning.

Kay had more than a couple of ounces of Charisma though.

The many moods … 

… of Kay Francis.

It’s hard to believe … 

…. these are all Kay Francis ….

… but they are. 


Got carried away.
No apology.

The fundamentals still apply …
as time goes by.

When the Daltons Rode / 1940 Part 1

22 May

Doolin Dalton – Desperado / Eagles

Into the Sunset …

I was just a kid – or not even born – when many of the Greatest Westerns Stars who ever lived had already rode off into the sunset – or died. So I missed a hell of lot of good Westerns from the 30’s, 40’s and even the 50’s. Still haven’t seen most of them. This blog is pretty well a research project for me on a lot of them – trying to discover Western Movie history – and their Stars.

So … I found this pic from When the Daltons Rode (1940) on the net the other day. I looked at the riders … but didn’t recognize any of them?

Can you?

I’ll give you ten plugged nickels and my spurs if you get 2 right.
And they were all well known Actors of their day and beyond.


OK … from Left to Right …
Stuart Erwin, Andy Devine, Broderick Crawford, and Brian Donlevy.

Stuart Erwin / (1903–1967)
as Ben Dalton

Andy Devine / (1905–1977)
as Ozark Jones

Andy as Jingles from Wild BIll Hickok TV Series (1951 – 1958)

“If there’s anything I don’t like, it’s driving a stagecoach through Apache country.”
Stagecoach / 1936 

Broderick Crawford / (1911–1986)
as Bob Dalton

Crawford from Johnny Concho

“I’ve made upwards of a million bucks in the cops-and-robbers business.”

Brian Donlevy / (1901-1972)
as Grat Dalton

Oh Yeah … Randolph Scott was the Star of the movie.
as Tod Jackson

No Trailer available – but some clips exist on YouTube.

On this poster though, Crawford’s image is bigger?

Yet on the screen we see Randolph at the top …

and Broderick 5th on the Bill ???

Director George Marshall (1891 –1975)

A rather odd movie: (Spoiler Alert) LoL – We all know the Daltons don’t ride off
into the sunset, but much of the movie is played out as a comedy? – interspersed with other nonsense – such as romance. (LoL)
Even Yakima Canutt reprises his famous Stagecoach stunt.
But in the end a fun yarn to watch …
and historically accurate (as we know it) in it’s wrap up.

Andy … just dandy!

Crawford with Kay Francis

When the Daltons Rode / 1940 Part 2

Four days on the ‘Island’ … Day 1 continued

15 May


Rose wants to check out a nearby Aquarium called Centre for the Salish Sea over in Sydney.

Hmmmm … better check the map …

Fortunately, we are easily distracted and we spot a Fish Market on the Dock.

Better check that out.

Sign of the times: “No Drone Zone”.

Beside the Fish Market is a place called The Pier Bistro

The Pier Bistro is a sweet place.

Cozy I tell ya.

By a fish market? Betcha they got good Fish and Chips here.


The view.

NO SMOKING” sign on the dock.
Just curious – where exactly CAN you smoke these days?

Next: The Aquarium


Happy Birthday Doug !

12 May


Four days on the ‘Island’ … Day 1

11 May

I hope this travel stuff isn’t boring for you. I’ll get back to The Old West right away.

Rose got this notion to treat her mother to a nice little holiday – a 4 day mini-holiday to Vancouver Island. Her mother unfortunately injured her leg and wasn’t able to come. But everything was already been booked. So Rose and I went off alone.
Our destination: Saanich Peninsula, Vancouver Island – North of Victoria.

Saanich Peninsula – just above Victoria

Our first destination was our digs called Heathwood.

Rose had some plans. For myself this would be sort a Magical Mystery Tour – not knowing (or caring) where we were going to go. It’s all good to me.


Our first destination was our digs: Heathwood – a nice place in the Country – kind of a Bed without Breakfast.

I’ve heard people say that they are waiting till they Retire to go travelling.
Don’t wait. Travelling gets tougher as you get older. Things you did easily when you were young now become very difficult – sometimes impossible. Lifting, hiking, carrying bags, heat, humidity … many things. Do it now.

Vancouver Island really is a kind of mini-Paradise. You can see why Rose figured her Mother would like it. It was a great disappointment that her Mother couldn’t make it.

Not bad for a cowboy eh?

From the front balcony you can actually see the Olympic Mountains in Washington USA across the inlet. They are barely visible back in those clouds though.

Unofficial Greeter

The Garden

Could have posted a hundred shots here …

Head Smashed In …

4 May

The Legend of Head Smashed In 

Throughout the North American Plains we find the Buffalo Jumps – places where the Natives used to harvest the Buffalo.

One such place is Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump in Southern Alberta.


How it got it’s name … 

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump is named after a tragic event. According to Blackfoot Indian legend, a young Blackfoot boy wanted to watch the buffalo plunge off the cliff from below, and was killed underneath the falling buffalo.

Where the Buffalo Roamed


totem / bison

1 May



29 Apr

Henry Hathaway / Director of Westerns / Part 7 continued …

27 Apr

Henry Hathaway / Director of Westerns / Part 7
Continued … 

 Before 1800 scientists estimate there were 60,000,000
buffalo/bison on the North American plains.

The Buffalo / Bison has been around for a long time. The cave painting (from France) above is believed to be about 10,000 years old.
The ancient hunters would never have dreamed about wiping all of them out.

Yet it only took a mere fistful of white hunters less than 50 years to slaughter the North American buffalo to near extinction.

The Buffalo Gun

And it was done deliberately.

The simple plan was to force the Natives onto the Reservations by killing off their food source.
Thus opening up the West for settlement. (Civilization?)

Bull Chief, 1908 by Edward S. Curtis

Buffalo Hunt by George Catlin

Assiniboine hunting buffalo / by Paul Kane

The Buffalo Hunt / Charles M. Russell