Bass Reeves Lawman – Paramount Series

Per usual, entertainment events like this
are prefixed with a banner saying:
“Based upon true events”
“Based upon true characters”
Then they go about doing whatever they please.
(Which isn’t always bad )
Just don’t anticipate documentary accuracy or truth.
You can get that on YouTube.
This is about Entertainment Pardner.

Pretty  hefty  reviews.

Bass Reeves

July 1838 – January 12, 1910

Wikipedia Says:
Bass Reeves (July 1838 – January 12, 1910) was a former enslaved person turned American lawman. He was among the first Black deputy U.S. Marshals, and the first west of the Mississippi River.
He worked mostly in the Indian Territory.

Reeves was born a slave, but broke free during the American Civil War
where he joined and fought in the Confederate Army.
After the war, at age 37, Reeves was hired as a Deputy Federal Marshal
because he could speak several Native languages.
Reeves worked for 32 years as a federal peace officer in the Indian Territory.
He brought in some of the most dangerous fugitives of the time;
was never wounded despite having his hat and belt shot off
on separate occasions.

Reeves recorded thousands of arrests – some accounts claiming over 3000.
According to his obituary, he killed 14 outlaws to defend his life.
He also had to arrest his own son for murder
who was sent to prison for 11 years.
Reeves was married twice and had eleven children.

In 2011, the US-62 Bridge, which spans the Arkansas River between Muskogee and Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, was renamed the
Bass Reeves Memorial Bridge.

 In May 2012, a bronze statue of Reeves by Oklahoma sculptor Harold Holden was erected in Pendergraft Park in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

In 2013, he was inducted into the Texas Trail of Fame.


– Brady, Paul L. (2005). The Black Badge: Deputy United States Marshal Bass Reeves from Slave to Heroic Lawman.
– Burton, Arthur T. (2006). Black Gun, Silver Star: The Life and Legend of Frontier Marshal Bass Reeves.
– Paulsen, Gary (2008). The Legend of Bass Reeves: Being the True and Fictional Account of the Most Valiant Marshal in the West.


Musical Interlude: Cradle Song …

Sing a cradle song now
As the light fades around us
And you breathe like the ocean
Lying small in my arms[Verse 2]
See it all in a moment
You’re so young and unclouded
Shining bright as a lion
Feel the motion of time
As the world rolls away from the sun

I can feel your life burning
Unlived moments within you
Further than I can see

May the fire be your friend and the sea rock you gently
May the moon light your way ’til the wind sets you free

[Verse 3]
I remember your face
As you cried for the first time
The cold air of the world
And the fierce light of day
And the cruеl separation

[Verse 4]
In a world washed with tears
Numbеd with pain to unfeeling
May you hold to your truth
As you walk the dark night of unreason[Pre-Chorus]
These stone walls which surround us
May your spirit fly around them
Like the wind from the sea

May the fire be your friend and the sea rock you gently
May the moon light your way ’til the wind sets you free

May you never know hunger
May you love with a full heart
The light stay in your eyes

May the fire be your friend and the sea rock you gently
May the moon light your way ’til the wind sets you free
May the fire be your friend and the sea rock you gently
May the moon light your way ’til the wind sets you free


this journey …

I can remember a time when I didn’t consider walking to be ‘Exercise’.
Those days are gone.

I’m getting old.
I reflect on so many things I’ve been through in this life.
I was recalling the time we lived in Bassano, Alberta.
We didn’t live there very long.
And just why the heck we were there I don’t recall?
This was also just one of the 13 (?) different schools I went to …
I think that was grade 3? Maybe 4?
Doesn’t matter.
So I recall  the miserable little house we lived in there.
6 kids and Mum & Dad.
It seemed to be Winter all the time.
Our bedroom (?) was down a trapdoor from the Living Room floor.
We had to go down a ladder and when Dad closed the trapdoor,
it was pitch black down there.
Like being in a dungeon.
Another thing I recall is going out to fetch coal
from the coal bin behind the house.
School was an unpleasant misadventure.
Different kids, different Teachers, different books …
Different everything.
But I never complained.
This was just Life as I knew it.
I thought everybody lived like this.
And maybe they did?

Just part of the ride.


Blogging issues …

So… You’re blogging now! | ENG101 - English Composition I - Vance CVCC

It seems a recent blog ‘UPDATE’ has been causing problems …

People missing Posts …
Comments not going through …
or not appearing at all …

I think things will straighten out shortly?
Hopefully sooner than later.

Funny Cartoons About Blogging - Painter Mommy

Hope this goes through …


Field of Crosses Memorial … Remembering …


Live Stream
Please click below to watch our live stream on
Remembrance DayNovember 11
A televised Remembrance Day Ceremony
is held at the field at 10:30 AM.

World War I Memorial (Calgary, Alberta) | First World War Me… | Flickr
WW 1
Equestrian statue of Boer War memorial in Calgary, Alberta Canada
Boer War

Heartwarming and Amazing!

Photo of the year?
“It was considered the best photo of this century. A lioness and her cub were crossing the Savannah but the heat was excessive
and the cub was in great difficulty walking.

An elephant realized that the cub would die and carried him in his trunk to a pool of water walking beside his mother.

And we call them wild animals.

It’s a great lesson for mankind who are fighting and dying for no reason.”

Sent to me by my Partner Rose.


First Snowfall in Calgary …

Winter is on it’s way.
We consider ourselves warned.

We had to go out on the Highway for a while
and it was near blizzard conditions there.

About 300 crashes reported around the city.

<iframe src=”https://globalnews.ca/video/embed/5214045/” width=”670″ height=”372″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen scrolling=”no”></iframe>

This will melt in a couple of days
and we’ll get back to some Fall weather.

But not for long.


See the Sky about to Rain …

Don, over at “Don Oster Tag: Off Stage”
was jogging my failing memory banks about some old tunes …

Neil Young’s song, but a nice job by the Byrds.


Butcher’s Crossing Update …

Butcher’s Crossing 

In my previous preview of Butcher’s Crossing
I complained that they had no Trailer. 
They fixed that:

Butcher’s Crossing is a 2023 Western shot in Montana.
Internet Movie Database (IMDB) says this:
“A frontier epic about an Ivy League drop-out as he travels to the Colorado wilderness, where he joins a team of buffalo hunters on a journey
that puts his life and sanity at risk.
Based on the highly acclaimed novel by John Williams.”

Internet Movie Database (IMDB) says “7 out of 10”
Rotten Tomatoes says 73%

Based on the Book:

Butcher’s Crossing
by John Williams

“Butcher’s Crossing
is a western novel by John Williams, originally published in 1960. The story follows William Andrews, a young Harvard student who leaves his life behind to explore the American West. The book begins and ends in the fictional frontier town of Butcher’s Crossing, Kansas, in the early 1870s, where Andrews joins a buffalo-hunting expedition. He and the people he meets along the way must confront and survive the brutal realities of nature in their attempts to get buffalo hides to sell. Along the way, Andrews contemplates his purpose in life with respect to nature, specifically through the influence of Ralph Waldo Emerson.”

So where to watch it:
– Vudu.
– Netflix streaming.
– Amazon and amazon prime.
– Most popular streaming movies.
– Certified fresh movies.


Polly Von …

Molly Bawn / Polly Vaughn / The Shooting of His Dear

Traditonal Folk Song:
Publication date 1765 Language English.
Scottish traditional first published in 1765 as “Molly Bawn”.
Typically known as “Polly Vaughan” (or Vaughn) or
“The Shooting of His Dear
” or “The Fowler” (for bird hunter).

A man (often named Jimmy or Johnny Randall) goes out hunting in the evening for birds. He sees something white in the bushes. Thinking this is a swan, he shoots. To his horror he discovers he has killed his true love, Molly (or Polly Vaughan). Returning home, he reports his mistake to his uncle and is advised not to run away. He should stay and tell the court that it was
an honest mistake. The night before her funeral,
her ghost appears to confirm his version of the events.

Second Hand Songs (a favorite site of mine)
lists only 16 versions of this famous folk song,
but I’m absolutely certain there at least 3 times
as many as that on YouTube alone.


The Strange Case of Monstrus Inflictus …

One Raindrop / The Gibson Brothers 

Based upon a true story:

Only the names have been changed to protect the shameless.
Dum Da Dumb Dumb …

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – scifist 2.0

OK … I’ve given this ailment a pseudo Latin name:
Monstrus Inflictus
May you never get it.
It IS contagious.

I hate to keep going on about this thing,
but this mysterious affliction has been the center
of our lives for a month now.
I seem now to be progressively getting over it
with periodic coughing jags.
Rose is still in full swing.

Dr JEk.jpg

BUT what the hell is it?
It’s not Covid (I took a Test) and it’s not flu.
The physicians, pharmacists, internet, anyone? I’ve talked to
know nothing about it
and say they are unaware of anything ‘going around’.

Here’s the gauntlet of symptoms that started on August 23:
Sore throat and swollen glands.
Coughing (non stop)
Mucus (non stop)
Fever, headache, sweats,
laryngitis … headaches, fatigue (tiredness),
vomiting and diarrhea …
The most bizarre side effect is eye infection (like Pinkeye).

Pretty well every symptom that
would normally be associated with Flu or a Cold.
But it’s not Flu or a Cold.

We’ve taken every Cold and Flu Med in existence.

March Madness: The Academy Awards And Mr. Hyde - FANGORIA

I also took some Antibiotics from my Doc.
Which did nothing.

Positive side effects:
I think I’ve lost weight
and gained a ton of compassion.

I will go and get the new COVID and Flu shots.

Mr. Hyde and Bugs Bunny | Vinyl Art Toys | hobbyDB

I better hurry though. I think I’m morphing into Elon Musk.


Calling all Quacks …

Song Bird / Eva Cassidy

I recall a joke:
Doctor to patient:
“Orthodox Medicine has yet to discover a cure for your affliction.
Fortunately for you I happen to be a quack.”

I could use one of those quacks right now.

Over the years I’ve had a big tussle with a chronic sinus condition which can magnify any cold into monstrous dimensions, but I haven’t figured
out this current affliction. Rose has is now also. So it is a bug of some kind?
I asked the Pharmacist if he was aware of anything
going around and he said NO.
And I thought it was going away a day or so ago, but then it came right back.
It’s not killing me – nor manifesting into Pneumonia …
so I’m still confident it will abate shortly .

Just really annoying.

Hanging in.


Back from the Cruise …

First the Good News:

Rose had been monitoring the weather for the 6 weeks prior to our trip
and it had been raining nearly every day.
But on our trip the weather was PERFECT.
The Sea was like glass.
Sunny and warm every day.
Not a single rain drop fell on our tiny heads.
Couldn’t have imagined it being any better.

The Bad News:

I start getting sick 2 days before the trip.
By day 4 it was a full blown cold?? of massive proportions.
I was gobbling every conceivable cold remedy available
to mask the symptoms and try to enjoy things.
I’m still sick.
At the Ship infirmary I passed the Covid test.
This is some kind of chronic sinus condition that
dogs me from time to time
and takes about 2 weeks to run it’s course.
Doc game me 2 antibiotics,
but they seem only marginally effective so far.

Another week to go …

What a life !!


Cruising …

Rose has signed us up for an Alaskan Cruise
on a ship called the Volendam.

Heading out of Vancouver tomorrow.

Gone for a week.
Another Adventure I never counted on.

When I get back …
I’ll finish up Gunfight at the OK Corral.

“And get yer hand off yer gun.”

Then !!!
My 3rd Top Favorite Western Star:

Jimmy Stewart, April 2020 - Cowboys and Indians Magazine

See you then …


‘All that Glittered’ …

… really WAS Gold.

“I’ve got so much honey the bees envy me.”

My Girl / Mamas and Papas / 1967

A times we seemed to be so buried in Gold
that we don’t to see the light.

I figure that over 90% of all songs (maybe most music?)
are about LOVE.

San Francisco / Scott McKenzie / 1967


I’d take my five bucks and head downtown to the Record Shop.
A very difficult decision awaited me:

She Loves You / The Beatles / 1963

Beatles? Rolling Stones? Jefferson Airplane? Dylan, Donovan, Mamas and Papas, The Who, The Eagles, Simon and Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Credence Clearwater, Elvis, Three Dog Night,
Joni Mitchell, The Bee Gees, The Beach Boys, John Denver, Don McLean,
Jim Croce, The Doors, Streisand, Abba, Roger Miller, Kris Kristofferson,
Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf, Santana, Lovin Spoonful, Cream,
Procol Harum, The Kinks, Neil Young, CSNY, The Byrds, America,

I Need You / America / 1972

Steve Miller, Boz Scaggs, Gordon Lightfoot, Eric Clapton, JJ Cale,
Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, The Band, Yes, Grateful Dead, New Riders,
Journey, The Supremes, Jethro Tull, Air Supply, Journey, Jimmy Buffet, Supertramp, Bob Seger, Belafonte, Flying Burrito Brothers, Moby Grape,
It’s a Beautiful Day, Moby Grape, Al Stewart, The Allman Brothers, Ten Years After, The Animals, Anne Murray, The Association, BB King,
Bad Company, Bad Finger, The Kingston Trio, Canned Heat, Carole King,
Bobby Darin, Burton Cummings, Poco, Dire Straits, Boston, Enya,
Neil Diamond, Gerry Rafferty, Harry, Nilsson, Meatloaf, Merle Haggard,
Garry Pucket, Jay and the Americans, 5h Dimension, Harry Chapin,
Joan Baez, Johnny Rivers, Tim Hardin, Willie Nelson, Heart, The Hollies,

Good Vibrations / The Beach Boys / 1966

The Hometown Band, Valdy, John Prine, Johnny Nash, Barry Manilow,
Midler, John Baldry, The Seekers, Cohen, Van Morrison, Javi Garcia,
Rod McKuen, Jefferson Starship, Jerry Jeff Walker, Jesse Winchester,
Joe Cocker, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Tom Petty,
Ringo, The Joy of Cooking, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rodgers,
Linda Ronstadt, Little River Band,
Loggins & Messina, Melanie,
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, Mcguinn, Clark & Hillman,
Michael Murphy, Mickey Newbury, Moodie Blues, Murray McLauchlan,
Nana Mouskouri, Mireille Mathieu, Bread, Paul Butterfield,
Oak Ridge Boys, Gatlin Brothers, Tina Turner, Pure Prairie League,
The Righteous Brothers, The Rankin Family, Rita McNeil,
Roy Orbison, Shawn Phillips, The Stampeders, Steve Winwood,
The Youngbloods, Blood Sweat and Tears, Chicago …

Camelot Finale Ultimo / Richard Harris / 1967

Did I miss anybody Thom?

Only about a 1000 others …

I don’t know what kids listen too these days,
and although I’m certain there’s some good stuff around?
I’m also certain will never measure up this.

I thought it last forever ..
slowly … surely … sadly …
It faded.
The sun was setting.
Falling back … to wherever we were before?
That tsumami; hurricane; tornado;
that had swept the world.
Had abated.


Have You ever seen the Rain? / CCR / 1971

I still have the music.
To prove it existed.


where would you be now ?

Without LOVE / Dooby Brothers / 1973

I get down on myself sometimes.
Don’t we all?
But I realize also that I’ve done some good things in this life too.
Not inflating – just balancing.
I think learning to GIVE somehow – as Kirk Douglas said –
is HUGE.

I worked for as a Greeter at Home Depot for about 8 years.
I didn’t make much money,
But that was the best job I ever had.
Because I got to help people all day.
Co-workers and customers alike.

And I got paid for it!!
A pretty good deal.

And unlike a lot of jobs, (I’d had over the years),
I didn’t go to work with dread in my heart every day.

That alone was priceless.
And all for a job that most people wouldn’t spit on.

You know … a simple smile can be a huge thing.
Can change a person’s day …
Maybe even their life.

Have a Great Day.


Kirk Douglas: Western Filmography Part 2 of 3

Continuing …
Top Ten Favorite Western Actors

A good Western with Anthony Quinn.
Directed by John Sturges.

Debatable as a Western but …
I always sort of felt sorry for Olivier in this one because
despite that fact that he was a great Shakespearean Actor
he didn’t really have great Star Power/Charisma.
Yet Kirk and Olivier appeared together again in Spartagus.

Never seen this one.

A great Movie.

Not a great Movie.

Star Power can’t save everything.

6 to go …



Apology … to everyone in the universe …

You’ve surely noticed a huge number of mistakes,
typos, errors, and poor editing on my blog lately.
More than normal.

That’s just where I am these days.
I’m getting old and stupid.
And I doubt that I will get any better.
I do check everything before I post stuff,
but I miss a lot.
A lot.
And I don’t notice it until after I’ve posted it
and sent it out to you.
Then I notice it immediately
and try to fix it.
Most of it is fixed before you even seen it in your email.
(Plus I’ve often added new stuff)
But that doesn’t appear in the email.
Only on my blog site.

Just saying.

I could sit here all day and make excuses,
but this is just what it is now.


Real Trouble Passing by The Gunfight at the OK Corral /Part 3

Cool Water  / Walter Brennan / 1964

Gunfight at OK Corral

Hit the Theatres in 1957.

Film Excess - Free Ukraine - Stop Putin - End the war NOW!!: Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957 ...

It was huge success.

Wikipedia says:
“The film was a big hit and earned $4.7 million on its first run
and $6 million on re-release.”
Budget was $2 million.

And all that wouldn’t even buy you a plot on Boot Hill these days.

Meanwhile I had other concerns …

In 1957 I was an 8-year-old kid living in Guildford, Surrey, England.
Mum was visiting her folks.
My only concern at that time was whether
would buy some Sherbet from the local Sweet Shop.

I think it would?

But I never could figure out that English Money.


Passing by … Gunfight at the OK Corral … Part 2: Triva

Gunfight at OK Corral / Frankie Lane / 1957

In response to comments about Deforest Kelley as
Morgan Earp and later as Dr. McCoy on Star Trek:

Interesting stuff …


Passing by … Gunfight at the OK Corral … Part 1

Gunfight at OK Corral / Frankie Lane 

Well … I couldn’t just gallop past the Gunfight at the OK Corral
without a few parting shots – so to speak.

Deal me in …

I figure that the ‘Definitive Film’ on this most famous gunfight
in the Old West will never be made.
Why? Because even though some folks think they’ve got it all figured out
there’s just too much conflicting testimony –
even among professed eyewitnesses.
Some don’t even agree on just which ones wuz the Badguys?
– the Earps or Clantons?

Amongst all known or unknown facts however, only one thing IS clear:
Them Earps had had enuf of them Clantons.


Stirring the pot:
One thing does make me wonder?:
I’ve seen it said that Ike Clanton didn’t have a gun.
That the Earps had disarmed him earlier in the day?
So … if you were going a gunfight …
wouldn’t you bring a gun?


Kirk Douglas: Western Filmography Part 1 of 3

My Top Ten Favorite Western Actors:

Kirk made 18 Westerns so I’m going to run  them in 3 parts.
I reworked all the images.

Most of these early Westerns can be seen in full for free
on a few different sites on the net.  Some can be downloaded as well.
The image quality varies from poor to excellent.

Along the Great Divide 1951 with Kirk Douglas, Virginia Mayo, John Agar, and Walter Brennan. – Bing video

Raoul Walsh
Also Starring Walter Brennan.
Kirk was 35.

The Big Trees (Western, 1952) Kirk Douglas, Eve Miller, Patrice Wymore | Movie, Subtitles – Bing video

Axe practice for The Vikings?
Kirk said: “It’s a bad movie.”
But IMDB gave it 5.7 out of 10.


Directed by Howard Hawks.
Music by Dimitri Tiomkin
Arthur Hunnicutt and Dewey Martin also appeared.

Directed by King Vidor
Richard Boone
was the Badguy.

The Indian Fighter 1955 – Kirk Douglas – Bing video

Walter Matthau is the badguy.
On the Poster, Kirk looks exactly like his son Michael Douglas.

Gunfight at the OK Corral 1957 HD – Bing video

Lancaster and Douglas in their prime.
Easily one of the Top Ten Westerns of all time.

12 to go …



The REAL Supermen …

David Bowie playing his song Heroes 
at the Bridge School Charity Concert / 1996

Life Magazine is currently running a Front-Page story on the
first Superman Movie starring Christopher Reeve.
But I wonder, however if they aren’t missing
the REAL Supermen story.

LIFE Magazine Celebrates Superman's 85th Anniversary

8 best Christopher Reeve Quotes images on Pinterest | Christopher reeve, Dana reeve and A heroThe Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is a charitable organization headquartered in Short Hills, New Jersey, dedicated to finding treatments and cures for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders.

 Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

The organization’s mission statement states, “The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.” Since 1982, it has distributed over $138 million to spinal cord researchers, and $28 million to nonprofits that aim to support better quality-of-life for people with disabilities.


The foundation was started in 1982 by Henry Stifel, whose son had been injured in a motor vehicle accident. Its original name was the Stifel Paralysis Research Foundation, and it was later renamed the American Paralysis Association (APA). In 1995, the actor Christopher Reeve became quadriplegic as a result of a horse riding accident. Reeve sought out the help of the APA and raised funds for it. In 1996, the foundation was renamed the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation and then the Christopher Reeve Foundation.

After Reeve’s death in October 2004, his widow, Dana Reeve, assumed the chairmanship of the Foundation. Dana Reeve herself died 17 months later, in March 2006, of lung cancer.

On March 11, 2007, the Foundation announced that it had changed its name to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation on the first anniversary of Dana Reeve’s death. As of 2020, all three of Christopher and Dana Reeve’s children serve on the foundation’s board of directors.

Superman #2:

Michael J. Fox

Equinix, Inc. on Twitter: "What a way to close out #EquinixConnect, the incomparable Michael J. Fox (@realmikefox) joins us today to discuss his acting career and to deliver a message about optimism

“Our single, urgent goal: Eliminate Parkinson’s disease in our lifetime.”
Over $1 billion funded in research programs to date.



Honoring 2 Real Supermen
who turned personal TRAGEDY
into major enterprises for
Human good.



My Top Ten Favorite Western Actors: Kirk Douglas: Part 2

I’ve seen very few Actors who looked as comfortable
‘in the saddle’ as Kirk Douglas.
(Maybe Ben Johnson).

He looked like he was born there and lived there.

Kirk Douglas | Portraits de célébrités, John wayne, Célébrités

This is what happens when you love what you do.
It shows.
And Kirk was a consummate Craftsman/Artist in his profession.
When he took a role, he owned it.
He wasn’t just Acting – he became that character.
He was ‘all in’.

And I figure that if you were going to work with Kirk,
you better get ‘on board’ pretty fast – or get lost.
He wasn’t fooling around.

Well … not much anyway.

I once found a pic once of Kirk standing on his horse looking around.
Now I can’t locate it.
I’m not sure he was copying Tom Mix, who was seen to do
this a while back. Probably not.

Tom Mix and Tony Postcard - Etsy

Tom Mix was a real Cowboy of course,
and could do most any horse stunt he wanted.

Digressing …

Did Tom Mix actually jump over Beale’s Cut in California?

He said he did. But the film footage that would have
proven it was lost in a fire.

I believe he did though because it’s known
that other riders had done this jump.
So it definitely was possible.
If not foolhardy.

But some folks
just seem to be ‘larger than life’ …

Coming …
Kirk’s Filmography continued.


My Ten Favorite Western Stars … Kirk Douglas Westerns: Part 1…

I am no expert on Western Movies/Film.
Don’t pretend to be.
Just a fan.
Feel free to disagree with anything  – and everything – I say.

“Obey the voice within – it commands us to give of ourselves and help others.
As long as we have the capacity to give, we are alive.”

Kirk Douglas

Un Indien Au Phare Ouest: Le cow-boy Kirk Douglas a rejoint les étoiles

Kirk Douglas was/is indeed an Iconic Western Film Star.
He made 18 Westerns.
(Bet you didn’t know that.)
Most every one is watchable.
Some are Western Classics:

Along the Great Divide / 1951
The Big Trees / 1952
The Big Sky / 1952
Man Without a Star / 1955
The Indian Fighter / 1955
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral / 1958
Last Train from Gun Hill / 1959
The Devil’s Disciple / 1959
The Last Sunset / 1961
Lonely Are the Brave / 1962
The Way West / 1967
The War Wagon / 1967
There Was a Crooked Man / 1970
A Gunfight / 1971
Posse / 1975
The Villain / 1979 film
The Man from Snowy River / 1982 film
Draw! / 1984

Impressive indeed.

Coming up:
Kirk’s Western Filmography Part 1


Kirk Douglas … My Ten Favorite Western Stars continued …

My second Favorite Western Star is

“You haven’t learned how to live until you’ve learned how to give.”
Kirk Douglas

But first … a bit of a Bio:

The Bronze Wrangler
The Bronze Wrangler Award


Inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1984.

Received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Jimmy Carter on 17th January 1981. This is the highest US honor a civilian can receive.

Received a UCLA Medal of honor 14 June 2002 from the University of California, Los Angeles, during school’s graduation ceremony for theater, film and television students.
Previous recipients include former US Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, and actors Laurence Olivier and Carol Burnett.

AFI Life Achievement Award:
1991 Accepted AFI Life Achievement Award
Academy Awards:
1996 Honorary Award for 50 years as a creative and moral force in the motion picture community
1995 nominated for Honorary Awards
1956 Lust for Life nominated for Best Actor
1952 Bad & the Beautiful nominated for Best Actor
1949 Champion nominated for Best Actor
Berlin International Film Festival:
1975 Posse nominated for Competing Film
New York Film Critics Circle Award:
1956 Lust for Life won for Best Actor
1951 Detective Story nominated for Best Actor

President of jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1980.

Member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1970.

Awarded the American National Medal of Arts in 2001 from
The National Endowment of the Arts.

“Unknown to many, Kirk has long been involved in humanitarian causes and has been a Goodwill Ambassador for the US State Department since 1963. His efforts were rewarded in 1981 with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and in 1983 with the Jefferson Award. Furthermore, the French honored him with the Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. More recognition followed for his work with the American Cinema Award (1987), the German Golden Kamera Award (1987), The National Board of Reviews Career Achievement Award (1989), an honorary Academy Award(1995), Recipient of the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award (1999) and the UCLA Medal of Honor (2002).”
IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000018/bio

Helped break the Hollywood blacklist by hiring Dalton Trumbo, a member of the “Hollywood Ten”, to write the screenplay.
Despite widespread criticism from many in the industry, including John Wayne and Hedda Hopper, Douglas refused to back down and Trumbo received a screen credit under his own name.
When presenting Douglas with an honorary Oscar for lifetime achievement at The 68th Annual Academy Awards (1996) (TV), Steven Spielberg thanked Douglas for his courage.

His star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is at 6263 Hollywood Blvd.

Has a street named after him near Palm Springs International Airport: Kirk Douglas Way. (2004)


Kirk Douglas / Author of books:
The Ragman’s Son: An Autobiography (1988, memoir)
Dance with the Devil (1990, novel)
The Gift (1992, novel)
Last Tango in Brooklyn (1994, novel)
Climbing the Mountain: My Search for Meaning (1997, memoir)
My Stroke of Luck (2002, memoir)
Let’s Face It: 90 Years of Living, Loving, and Learning (2007, memoir)


He knew he wasn’t perfect.
That’s what made him great.


Dune …

When you read Dune you realize why it’s so been so captivating
to so many people.
It’s Spirituality.
It Rings True. It’s inspired.
That’s rare Art.
That’s also why it so hard to interpret.
It’s like the Christian Bible.
Nobody is going to agree upon ANY one interpretation.

Yet to me all interpretations of Dune -including each Mini Series –
have been well done and entertaining.
I found them enjoyable and they did at points
they captured some of that Spirituality.

I liked the first part of the current interpretation. It’s very good.
I’m certain the second part will also be well done and entertaining.

If you haven’t read the books all this will likely mean nothing.
You are free to merely enjoy the cinema.
But if you have read the books …

Current Trailers:

… may your vision not chip and shatter.


Ten Favorite Westerns Stars: Burt Lancaster continued …

Big Iron / 2020
Colter Wall
written by Marty Robbins

“You sit in your tepee and dream and then you go to wherever the dream may take you. It might come true. You wait for real life to catch up.”
Burt Lancaster

IMDB (Internet Movie Database) says that
Burt Lancaster made 16 Westerns.
That’s wrong.
Desert Fury (1947) ain’t no Western.
Just because a movie is made in Sedona AZ
or somebody is wearing a Cowboy hat
doesn’t make it a Western.

So … let’s say about 15
Burt Lancaster Westerns.

Did you know that?!
(I didn’t.)
But I regard 5 of them to be 
Western Classics.

Here’s my list:

The Gunfight at the OK Corral / 1957
Definitely one of the most
influential Westerns of all time

Vera Cruz / 1954
Lancaster and Cooper
Wa do ya want?

The Professionals / 1966
One of the Top Ten Westerns every made.

The Unforgiven / 1960
One of the most controversial Westerns ever made.
And some said that Hepburn doesn’t look very native.
But it’s Hepburn – so all is Forgiven.

The Rainmaker / 1956
Some say this isn’t a Western.
But it’s got Hepburn. 
So let it rain.

Honorable Mention:

The Kentuckian / 1955

Moving along …


My Top Ten Favorite Westerns Stars 1: Burt Lancaster

Heroes / Angu / 1964

“I walked out of class one day and I never went back.”
-Burt Lancaster

In no special order:
My First Western Star is
Burton Stephen Lancaster
But he’d definitely be near the top.

Born in New York, New York, U.S,A.
November 2, 1913 – October 20, 1994

As a kid in the 1930s New York, Burt learned to Act
in local theatre productions in also studied Circus Arts –
eventually becoming a Circus Acrobat and Trapeze Artist.
He seemed ‘custom made’ to be a Action Film Star.
But it also helps to have a ton of Charisma/Star Power.

Burt’s first Action Film:
The Flame and the Arrow / 1950

Yes … well … not an auspicious beginning to be sure …
(Burt’s swordfighting skills need a bit of work too.)

But his second Action Film
The Crimson Pirate / 1952
opened the flood gates to Stardom.

Heave Ho and up she rises!

Can you identify this kind of ship for me
that was used in The Crimson Pirate ?


Coming …
Burt’s Westerns


My Top Ten Favorite Westerns Stars 1

Cool Water / Walter Brennan / 1964

Well … you’re definitely a Favorite around here Walter,
but I’m not putting you on this list just yet …

First Western Star I’m putting up is …
Burton Stephen Lancaster

Indeed it is Burt.

Born in New York, New York, U.S,A.
November 2, 1913 – October 20, 1994

More coming on Burt.


My Top Ten Favorite Westerns Stars ???

Ghost Riders in the Sky / Sons of the Pioneers

Saw some guy claim he could list the
Greatest Western Stars of all time.
I figured that was a pretty presumptuous claim
since the list of Great Western Movie Stars is very long
and goes back quite a ways.
Right back  into the 1920’s and 3o’s.
And since I wasn’t around in those years and
my own Western Movie education is lacking thereof,
I’m not sure how such a claim could be made?
Many of the Great Western Stars of of the early era should
most certainly appear on any such list.
Western Stars like

William S. Hart


Movie Market - Photograph & Poster of Buck Jones 198666


To name just 3 …
Incredibly, some of these guys – like Buck Jones
are almost forgotten.

Shouldn’t happen.

Soooo …
I certainly wouldn’t attempt to name the
Greatest Western Stars of All Time.
I can definitely name 10 favorites …

So I will.

Coming up …


Lee Van Cleef …

A Fistful of Dollars / Ennio Morricone / 1964

I sometimes forget I started this Blog about
Western Movies.
Then I look back a bit.

Adios Lee


Rest Stop at Revelstoke National Park … Part One

Ramblin’ Boy / Donovan / 1965

Rose’s idea of going to Vancouver in early Spring
was an stroke of genius. Brilliant!
(Of course it was only early Spring in Calgary –
Spring had
been going on since January on the ‘Coast’)
BUT when we got back, all hell broke loose over there:
Forest Fires, Floods, Chinese spies … all manner of mayhem! …
… that we avoided by going early.

AND on the way to Vancouver we made a nice Rest Stop
at a unusual Park near Revelstoke.

A Park called Beaver Lodge Bike Park:

A small Park within a BIG Park:
Mount Revelstoke National Park.

You know … I think a lot of countries in this world
could easily fit inside some of Canada’s National Parks.
They are BIG. HUGE!
But what else are you going to do with all these Mountains???
British Columbia (BC) itself is mostly mountains.
All mountains.

Look at that thing!!!!
Mountains upon Mountains!
They should just make BC one HUGE National Park:
‘British Columbia National Mountain Park’!!!
Just toss in a couple of valleys …
… and a beaver. 

But ‘first things first’ …
We head for the toilets.
(Probably why we stopped here)

And look at this toilet!
Must be some good Glamping around here.

Rest Stop at Revelstoke National Park … Part Two
Slug Licking !!!


Canada wins 2023 World Hockey Championship …

It’s not intellectual.

A Russian Hockey coach once said that Russia could equal Canada
in every department except one: Desire and Heart.

He was right.


Honey Bees !!!

Honeycomb / Jimmy Rodgers / 1957

Back a few years when I went to the Garden Center
there were so many Honey Bees on the flowers
that it was hard to get near them.

Suddenly that changed.
Climate, disease, mites … ???
Decimated the Bees.

But we need Bees. They are important.
Not just for Honey.
They are vital to the Ecosystem.


US Memorial Day … 2023

Simple Song of Freedom / Bob Darin / 1969

I always like to pay attention and recognize our dear Friends to the South.
Their immense contributions in this world.

Memorial Day Images – Browse 736,240 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe Stock

And in light of what’s happening in the US these days
we can never take our Freedoms lightly.
There are even those among us who would gladly take them away.

Remembering Those Whom Memorial Day Honors | Council on Foreign RelationsHAIL
The Champions of Freedom.



More weird things on the Blog …

Surrender to Me / McGuinn, Clark and Hillman / 1979

I can’t figure this thing out. This Blog.

                                                                         No … that’s really me.

Yesterday I couldn’t get my Text to align properly.
After a few attempts it finally obeyed my instructions.
Today I come back and all my images have resized themselves.
I preview everything, but apart from my own plentiful typos and mistakes
I really do expect it to work properly?
So normally I just move along and hope nobody really cares.
But I do.

Moving along …


From Fires to Thunderstorms …

Rainmaker / First National Band / 1971

We’re bouncing from one extreme to another.
It rained here yesterday. But not enough.
But now have “Severe Thunderstorm Warnings”.
And threat of lightning starting more fires.

Alberta Fires Map:

Group Asks New Alberta Government to Review Oilsands Water Usage Amid Extreme Wild Fires | The Narwhal

Thunderstorm Warnings: 

Time to call in The Rainmaker …

Burt Lancaster and Katherine Hepburn.
Geniuses at work.
If you’ve never seen The Rainmaker (1956) …
Shame on you.


A Week in Vancouver

I’ve been Everywhere Man – Canada / Mike Ford / 2011

Rose and I were in Vancouver for a week.
Got back yesterday.
Sometimes I just gotta get away.
So I didn’t monitor my blog or any email through the week.
Apology to those by made  comments or sent email in that time.
I’ll check all that out now.

We drove out from Calgary.
That’s around 930 kilometers = 605 miles. A 10 hour drive.

Heading through the Rockies.

Next time we might fly?

But then we’d miss all this.

Cascade Mountain

Castle Mountain

Unknown Mountain

Rose drives and I shoot through the window.

British Columbia is mountains. One range after another.

An avalanche waiting to happen …

To avoid the floods near Cache Creek we head on a South route.
(But anything that keeps the crowds down is OK with me.) (joke)

Moving along …

Overnight in Salmon Arm