Glenn Ford .. that’s a wrap

As I said, Glenn Ford made 26 Westerns. Ive been trying to catch up.
BUT he was making Westerns before I was born!
Therefore I cannot profess expertise. Only what I like.
I can say that his Westerns definitely display
his unquestioned Star Power. He could carry the ball –
and was a Box Office Star for at least 40 years – in any film genre.
FYI: Several of his Westerns are available to watch for Free
on YouTube and other Internet Locations.
And most are of watchable quality.

I just watched The Violent Men (1955) on YouTube
The Violent Men (1955) - IMDb

I have to think that a lot of Western Fans
would consider The Violent Men to be a Western Classic.
It is a good Western with a stuning Cast:
Glenn Ford, Edgar G. Robinson, Barbara Stanwyck, Brian Keith,
Richard Jaeckel, Jack Kelly …
With great Writing and dialogue.

I then rewatched The Man from Colorado
also on YouTube.

… and I have to confess it’s still tough to watch Ford play a Badguy.
But he did it again in 3:10 to Yuma.

A few other Favorites:

Thanks Glenn!

Moving on.

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