where would you be now ?

Without LOVE / Dooby Brothers / 1973

I get down on myself sometimes.
Don’t we all?
But I realize also that I’ve done some good things in this life too.
Not inflating – just balancing.
I think learning to GIVE somehow – as Kirk Douglas said –
is HUGE.

I worked for as a Greeter at Home Depot for about 8 years.
I didn’t make much money,
But that was the best job I ever had.
Because I got to help people all day.
Co-workers and customers alike.

And I got paid for it!!
A pretty good deal.

And unlike a lot of jobs, (I’d had over the years),
I didn’t go to work with dread in my heart every day.

That alone was priceless.
And all for a job that most people wouldn’t spit on.

You know … a simple smile can be a huge thing.
Can change a person’s day …
Maybe even their life.

Have a Great Day.

Author: jcalberta

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4 thoughts on “where would you be now ?”

  1. This is another great update post. I hope you are doing well and I hope you are having a good summer. I am doing very good.

    1. Amazing Quinn!! You are the Amazing Quinn. I was just thinking of dropping over to your blog and wishing you well. So I’ll do that right now. Have a good one Pal.

  2. I used to say you knew you had a good job when you weren’t dreading monday morning before you’d even gotten into Friday night. I should have been a greeter. Except for all that standing on my feet.

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