My Top Ten Favorite Westerns Stars ???

Ghost Riders in the Sky / Sons of the Pioneers

Saw some guy claim he could list the
Greatest Western Stars of all time.
I figured that was a pretty presumptuous claim
since the list of Great Western Movie Stars is very long
and goes back quite a ways.
Right back  into the 1920’s and 3o’s.
And since I wasn’t around in those years and
my own Western Movie education is lacking thereof,
I’m not sure how such a claim could be made?
Many of the Great Western Stars of of the early era should
most certainly appear on any such list.
Western Stars like

William S. Hart


Movie Market - Photograph & Poster of Buck Jones 198666


To name just 3 …
Incredibly, some of these guys – like Buck Jones
are almost forgotten.

Shouldn’t happen.

Soooo …
I certainly wouldn’t attempt to name the
Greatest Western Stars of All Time.
I can definitely name 10 favorites …

So I will.

Coming up …

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