We’re back …

We’ve been back for a few days, but I got sick again right away.
It’s a Cold? I guess? ….  but who knows these days?
The Cruise was great – tarnished a bit by our inexperience at such things.
Yet ever interesting.

That ship is … Large.

I’ll get back at things right away …
… He said.

Glenn Ford Iconic Images …

Inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in 1978.

In 1942 he joined the American Marines for 3 1/2 years then transferred to the navy as a captain , a rank he held for the rest of his life.

Awarded the French Legion of Honor Medal (Legion d’Honneur), and appointed to the rank of Knight of the Legion of Honor in 1992, by the French Government for service in World War II. Created to honor extraordinary contributions to the Republic of France, the Legion of Honor is France’s highest distinction.

“William Holden and I weren’t just good friends.
He was my very best friend. I feel his loss very much still.” 

In 1967 Naval Reserve Officer Lt. Cmdr. Ford (then aged 51) volunteered to serve for three months as a liaison officer attached to a Marine unit, with the Marine rank of full colonel, in Vietnam, and on several occasions endured enemy shelling.In 1967 Naval Reserve Officer Lt. Cmdr. Ford (then aged 51) volunteered to serve for three months as a liaison officer attached to a Marine unit, with the Marine rank of full colonel, in Vietnam, and on several occasions endured enemy shelling.

Went on a jungle mission with a Special Forces team
during the Vietnam War.

Credited with being one of the fastest “guns” in Hollywood westerns; able to draw and fire in 0.4 seconds, he was faster than James Arness
(Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke (1955)) and John Wayne.

Ford and Van Heflin … ‘3:10 to Yuma’

He had intended to portray Hondo Lane in Hondo (1953), but backed out when John Farrow was chosen to direct. Ford and Farrow did not got along while making Plunder of the Sun (1953), causing Ford to lose interest in the role. The role was subsequently portrayed by John Wayne.

His few attempts at playing villains were not generally well-received.
Critic David Thomson complained “3:10 to Yuma” suffered because of Ford’s “inability to be nasty”.

3:10 to Yuma / Western Classic / Delmer Daves / Glenn Ford


“What are you squeezin’ that watch for?
Squeezin’ that watch ain’t gonna stop time.”

– Glenn Ford as Ben Wade / 3:10 to Yuma


Quiet on the set! Master at Work …

One critic has noted the likely influences of German Expressionist film makers in 3:10 to Yuma. Such insight is beyond my ken – so it’s much appreciated. Other, closer to home influences, are more obvious, as from Fred Zinnemann’s High Noon and John Ford’s Classics  Stagecoach,
My Darling Clementine … others.

No color? No Computer Generated Effects?

No problem.

All the unique virtues of Black and Film making are in evidence. Plus more:

high angle … low angle … wide angle … echo shots … close ups … lighting … shot framing … scene composition … dramatic use of Light/Dark/Shadow … Direction …

Nearly every shot in 310 to Yuma is crafted … seamlessly and unpretentiously integrated.

Daves knew it all – used it all …

3:10 to Yuma: Western Classic.

That’s a wrap.

MFW 310 TO YUMA train____________________________________________

310 to Yuma Direction310 to Yuma Direction 2310 to Yuma Direction 3____________________________________________

310 to Yuma - Ford
“How duz a guy get a drink around here?

Going away for about 10 days …

Rose has signed us up for another Cruise.
This time it’s a 10-day Caribbean Cruise.
On this big ship:

Princess Enchanted Princess Cruise Reviews (2023 UPDATED): Ratings of Princess Enchanted Princess
The Enchanted Princess

Leaving Monday.
Flying to Fort Lauderdale (5 hours from Calgary).
Jumping on Ship.
Will hit Anigua, Martinique, St. Lucia, Dominica,
St. Thomas, and Grand Turk.

I’m still a rookie at this Cruising thing so I don’t know what to expect?
Hoping the seas are glassy and sunsets beautiful!

I’m 75 now, so my travelling days may soon be over.
But I’m sure I’ll suffer through it all somehow.

See you later …

Who Wuz that Western Movie Star? … Quiz … one last Hint.

I thank everybody for their kind feedback on my annoying QUIZ!
But I did really figure somebody woulda got him right away?
There was indeed some educated guesses to be sure.

OK then … LOL! … this is my last hint:
*Drum roll*
(or at least smoke signals)

He’s not in this pic:

But he IS in this pic

That rumpled hat never gave him away eh?

Who Wuz that Western Movie Star? … Quiz Part 2

The American West in Film | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Though I thought my previous hints would have given him away …
I’ve recieved a request for an additional hint about
Who wuz that mysterious Western Movie Star?

Actors in Westerns (1960s) Quiz - By MD_Law

Additional Hints:
– Was a prominent Film Actor for over 50 years.

– One of the biggest box-office draws of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

Five of his films have been selected for the National Film Registry 
by the Library of Congress as being
culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant.

Actors in Westerns (1950s) Quiz - By MD_Law

-inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Explore the Best Westerns Art | DeviantArt

I hope these hints will be sufficient?

2 of My Top Ten Favorite Western Stars … Quiz …

Still workin’ on a couple of
My Top Ten Favorite Westerns Stars.

One of them might surprise ya?

Western #1 By Douglas Lentz, 48% OFF

So I’ll start a bit of a Quiz:

Movie Cowboys | Western movies, Tv westerns, Movie stars

First Clue:
This Star made over 25 Westerns!
Spanning about 40 years!

Seemed to wear the same kind of rumpled cowboy hat in a lot of ’em.


OK … No Cheatin!

Western By Douglas Lentz, 55% OFF | acrolandtimbers.com

OK, OK, go ahead and cheat.
Likely won’t help none anyway.

Next Clue coming … (if necessary)

Folk Music of the 60’s / Musical Interlude …

There’s still a few of us who remember the Folk Era of the 60’s.
It was big and a lot of great music came out of there.
One of my favorite groups of that time was The Brothers Four.
Four guys who could really sing.
This is a favorite of mine:

Hope you like …

James Stewart Cowboy / Riding on …

“The great thing about the movies … is you’re giving people little … tiny pieces of time … that they never forget.”
– James Stewart

So ends my tribute to James Stewart / Western Hero
one of my Top Ten Favorite Western Stars.
I could go on and on about him because …
James made about 18 Westerns.
Several are considered Western Classics.

You decide:


TWO RODE TOGETHER, James Stewart, 1961' Photo | AllPosters.com | Old western movies, Western film, Western movies

“I’d like people to remember me as someone who was good at his job
and seemed to mean what he said.”
James Stewart

Done Jimmy.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance / Oddity No. 2: BILLING Mysteries … Part 2 … The Posters

Movie Posters in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
also seem to be different than what I would have expected.

On every poster James Stewart’s name is Billed above John Wayne’s.
You would at least expect them to be side by side? No?
Even then, Stewart’s name appears first.
And though some might argue that they appear equal in
size, color and text, Stewart’s name is still before Wayne’s.
Again, I wouldn’t expect to see this unless
it was approved by Wayne himself.

It’s possible there’s something going on here
that I don’t know about … ? Contractual agreement?
*shrug?* But there it is.

I wonder though that if The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
came out today the Poster might look like this instead:

But … you know what? Though Jimmy was unquestionably worthy
I wonder if he could have cared at all?

In any case: “This is the West, sir.
When the legend becomes fact print the legend.”

Dune 2 / March 1 …

Dune: Part Two had its world premiere at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City on February 6, 2024 and is set to be released internationally on February 28, 2024 and in the United States on March 1, 2024,
by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Dune: Part Two' Movie Posters and Images

Get Up Close and Personal With Stunning 'Dune: Part Two' Character Posters

Get Up Close and Personal With Stunning 'Dune: Part Two' Character Posters

Denis Villeneuve / Dune 3 Script Almost Finished …

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance / Oddity No. 2: The BILLING Mystery … Part 1 …

In Movies, Billing is a big deal.
Billing refers to Order, Place, Size, and Color of your name
as it appears on The Marquee, Posters, Advertising, Film Trailer,
and on Screen, etc. – if at all.
In The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
I noticed some interesting Billing anomalies.

Between 1949–1957 and 1959–1974
John Wayne
was in the Top Ten Money Making Stars 25 times!!!

That’s a record number.
This includes 1962 when The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance was made.
So you’d expect that Wayne would be Top Billed on everything, right?
But for some reason (unknown to me), he wasn’t.
Let’s start with the Official Trailer Preview.

James Stewart is Billed first!?
Wayne is Billed Second!:

Both Bills are the same size and configuration …
BUT Wayne’s Bill is still an obvious Second.

I doubt this could have occurred without Wayne’s approval.
Wayne had great respect and friendship with Stewart.
This was later reflected again when Stewart was handpicked by Wayne
for a nice role in Wayne’s final Film: The Shootist (1976).

And it’s notable that both Stars were Billed
ahead of the actual Movie Title Banner itself:

This reflects Stewart’s and Wayne’s Star Power of course –
They were the Draw.

However …
… on the actual Film Screen … things are different:
Wayne is Billed first – as we would have expected.

Stewart is second …

… and both are still Billed before the Film Banner:

Another interesting Billing oddity of that Lee Marvin isn’t Billed at all !!
in most any of the Movie’s advertising –
even though he plays the Title character, Liberty Valance.

Lee had not yet emerged as a Top Star.

That was soon to change.

We’re going to check the
Billing on the Movie’s Posters.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance / Oddity No. 1

That Song …

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance / sung by Gene Pitney 
Written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach

It’s no secret that a popular song can be a powerful way to promote a Movie. It’s been done plenty of times. And The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is a great song – and Gene Pitney was a great singer
and a popular Artist at the time.
Why pick Gene to sing the song it at all?
You’d figure for a Western Movie you’d call for a Country Music Star. No?
There were lots around.
How about Johnny Cash for instance?
I bet he would have done a great job.
… in my own research of over 20 other Artists who have done versions of the song, I couldn’t find even one that I considered was better or equal to Pitney’s! And more that a couple seemed to deliberately mimic him.
Seems he was the right choice after all.
Good on you Gene.
(Incidentally, I own quite a bit of Gene’s music.)

The 45 RPM Record Sleeve
The 45 RPM Vinyl Record
Remember those?
Possibly not.

More …
The song was never used in the Movie!
Most people don’t notice this (for some reason).
Despite spending 13 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart
peaking at No. 4, it was never included!.

Wikipedia reports:
“Pitney stated that the recording session was paid for by Paramount (who made the Movie), and that it was midway through the effort when he found out that the song was not going to be included in the film”.
He apparently didn’t even know this until the film had
already been released!

The song was ranked No. 36 in
The Western Writers of America’s list
of the Top 100 Western Songs of all Time.”