My Health Issues …

I’m Posting this because maybe it will be useful information for somebody?
I’ve been getting sick a lot recently. Never happened before. I’ve had great health most of my life. But now I seem to be getting sick quite often. Even worse, I don’t heal up like I used to before. A bug I caught recently lasted 6 weeks! In the past I normally would have gotten such a thing within a week. My conclusion that my Diabetes 2 has seriously impacted my immune system. I didn’t know this could happen. I will have be aware of this going forward. This is my new reality/normal. To say this in influencing me in a lot of ways is an understatement. That’s life I guess. Things can change and we have to adapt. Or else. This is mainly why I haven’t been Posting much lately. Thank You for hanging with me.

Onward …

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9 thoughts on “My Health Issues …”

    1. Yup … had Covid and Flu shots on the same day. But I don’t think it’s a guarantee you won’t get it. It’s all part of our new reality. But I’m going to be OK. Thank You for your thoughts.

  1. As someone who failed to notice she was IN heart failure and nearly dead, I understand. We all think we know what’s wrong. Unfortunately, we aren’t right. I thought it was asthma, allergies, a bad cold, Rheumatoid arthritis — everything EXCEPT torn valve and double pneumonia. It’s always something. Take care of yourself. Diabetes has a lot of side effects that I think are only NOW being given the attention it deserves.

    1. I’m still a 75 rookie with this Diabetes thing. Totally ignorant. But getting smarter. But I’ll tell you something Marilyn: I wouldn’t trade for you been through and are still going through. You are absolutely amazing. I Thank You for your comments.

  2. I hope things get a bit easier for you and it’s good that you now know or at least have a better idea of what has been laying you low, that in itself is a step in the right direction.

    1. Thanks for that. I’m going to be OK. Just had to figure things out. And I’ll tell ya, I go every day and I see people that to deal with things far worse than I’ll ever know, so I’m going to feel sorry for myself by any measure. Things change and we have to change also.

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