Who Wuz that Western Movie Star? … Quiz Part 2

The American West in Film | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Though I thought my previous hints would have given him away …
I’ve recieved a request for an additional hint about
Who wuz that mysterious Western Movie Star?

Actors in Westerns (1960s) Quiz - By MD_Law

Additional Hints:
– Was a prominent Film Actor for over 50 years.

– One of the biggest box-office draws of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

Five of his films have been selected for the National Film Registry 
by the Library of Congress as being
culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant.

Actors in Westerns (1950s) Quiz - By MD_Law

-inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Explore the Best Westerns Art | DeviantArt

I hope these hints will be sufficient?

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6 thoughts on “Who Wuz that Western Movie Star? … Quiz Part 2”

    1. There’s no bad guesses GP, but I already did Jimmy and he was indeed awesome.
      Thanks for givint it a try tho!

    1. I figured somebody would guess it was Randolph. He fits most of the criteria and my vague hints for sure.
      It’s likely Scott will make my list shortly … not who I had in mind right now.
      Thank You anyhow.

  1. Garry think James Stewart who is the top leading man of all actors. If it’s ONLY Westerns, I am betting on John Wayne. I’m pretty sure he has at least five, though Stewart has a lot too. Your hints aren’t all that helpful because the national registry doesn’t break down movies by categories like “westerns” and “musicals.” BUT since John Ford then Howard Hawks are the two top directorial winners, the odds favor Wayne and Stewart, both of whom appeared in many pictures by both of those directors. Garry’s going to take another look at it later.

    In the first picture, the only one he could recognize was Hart in the middle. I didn’t recognize anyone, but I’m really bad at facial recognition on screen and personally.

    1. WOW … I’m scaring myself cuz I figured Garry would get this EASILY!?
      And those are smart guesses for sure.
      So I’m going to ONE last hint and then ride off into the sunset …

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