Back from the Cruise …

First the Good News:

Rose had been monitoring the weather for the 6 weeks prior to our trip
and it had been raining nearly every day.
But on our trip the weather was PERFECT.
The Sea was like glass.
Sunny and warm every day.
Not a single rain drop fell on our tiny heads.
Couldn’t have imagined it being any better.

The Bad News:

I start getting sick 2 days before the trip.
By day 4 it was a full blown cold?? of massive proportions.
I was gobbling every conceivable cold remedy available
to mask the symptoms and try to enjoy things.
I’m still sick.
At the Ship infirmary I passed the Covid test.
This is some kind of chronic sinus condition that
dogs me from time to time
and takes about 2 weeks to run it’s course.
Doc game me 2 antibiotics,
but they seem only marginally effective so far.

Another week to go …

What a life !!