Rest Stop at Revelstoke National Park … Part One

Ramblin’ Boy / Donovan / 1965

Rose’s idea of going to Vancouver in early Spring
was an stroke of genius. Brilliant!
(Of course it was only early Spring in Calgary –
Spring had
been going on since January on the ‘Coast’)
BUT when we got back, all hell broke loose over there:
Forest Fires, Floods, Chinese spies … all manner of mayhem! …
… that we avoided by going early.

AND on the way to Vancouver we made a nice Rest Stop
at a unusual Park near Revelstoke.

A Park called Beaver Lodge Bike Park:

A small Park within a BIG Park:
Mount Revelstoke National Park.

You know … I think a lot of countries in this world
could easily fit inside some of Canada’s National Parks.
They are BIG. HUGE!
But what else are you going to do with all these Mountains???
British Columbia (BC) itself is mostly mountains.
All mountains.

Look at that thing!!!!
Mountains upon Mountains!
They should just make BC one HUGE National Park:
‘British Columbia National Mountain Park’!!!
Just toss in a couple of valleys …
… and a beaver. 

But ‘first things first’ …
We head for the toilets.
(Probably why we stopped here)

And look at this toilet!
Must be some good Glamping around here.

Rest Stop at Revelstoke National Park … Part Two
Slug Licking !!!

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4 thoughts on “Rest Stop at Revelstoke National Park … Part One”

    1. NEVER John! We were just passing by. Didn’t even know it existed until then. There’s just so much to see in this world that we could have spent a week around there if we’d wanted to.
      So much to see … so little time.

  1. This is another great post about your trip to Vancouver. There are a lot of different parks that are next to Banff, such as Kooteny , Glacier National Parks and Revelstoke National Park. I have never head about Beaver Lodge Bike park, These are great pictures. I hope the weather was nice during the trip. I also like the beaver graphics you made for this post.

    1. Hey Quinn!!! Great to hear from you!
      Beaver Lodge Bike Park is just a small park inside Mount Revelstoke National Park. It’s a bit of a fun place for kids and bike riders. More coming on that.

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