Winter 2024 … ?

At the beginning of December this happened …


We weren’t surprised.
It’s Winter.
So I went out and shovelled the sidewalk.
Then …
This happened …

It’s called a Chinook Arch (around here).
A Chinook is a warm wind that comes across the Rockies
from the West Coast – and raises the temperature
to balmy conditions.
We’ve had about 12 Chinooks so far this year.
That’s not normal.
But they just keep coming.

A Chinook arch can span the Rockies all the way from
Northern Alberta to New Mexico, USA
Around here that can bring weather like this:

We know this won’t last.
But we’re appreciating it while we can.

Author: jcalberta

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4 thoughts on “Winter 2024 … ?”

  1. We’ve been having cooler weather for over a week now (our winters are usually one or two days at a time) and I’m lovin’ it!! Hope I see snow one last time.

  2. This is another great blog update on our winter weather. This was a warm December and interesting weather on New years eve with rain. The weather is looking very interesting for next week . These are great pictures of the park and the deer Happy New year.

    1. Hey QUINN !!! Happy New Year.
      Yeah it rained all day and night at our place. I can’t recall it ever raining here before on New Years. Crazy.

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