Passing by … Gunfight at the OK Corral … Part 1

Gunfight at OK Corral / Frankie Lane 

Well … I couldn’t just gallop past the Gunfight at the OK Corral
without a few parting shots – so to speak.

Deal me in …

I figure that the ‘Definitive Film’ on this most famous gunfight
in the Old West will never be made.
Why? Because even though some folks think they’ve got it all figured out
there’s just too much conflicting testimony –
even among professed eyewitnesses.
Some don’t even agree on just which ones wuz the Badguys?
– the Earps or Clantons?

Amongst all known or unknown facts however, only one thing IS clear:
Them Earps had had enuf of them Clantons.

Stirring the pot:
One thing does make me wonder?:
I’ve seen it said that Ike Clanton didn’t have a gun.
That the Earps had disarmed him earlier in the day?
So … if you were going a gunfight …
wouldn’t you bring a gun?

Author: jcalberta

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6 thoughts on “Passing by … Gunfight at the OK Corral … Part 1”

  1. My mother took me to see this. The theater was crowded and we had to sit in the second row. I’ll never forget looking that Kirk’s face — 10 FEET HIGH! It was great and even though there are other movies on Earp I like better — “Tombstone” for one — I always have great fondness for “Gunfight.”

    1. I like ’em all. And I don’t give a hoot about Historical Accuracy. Only if it’s good entertainment. Nobody can really agree on what happened there anyway. Wish Sam Peckinpah had made a version. “Kill ’em all”!!!
      Ike would never have gotten away.

  2. Is that DeForrest Kelley? Shouldn’t he have been cast as Holliday? I mean he had so much experience playing a Doctor. (McCoy) And as that Doctor, this would be his second go around in Tombstone. (see: Star Trek-Specter of the Gun episode) “Damn it, Jim-I’m a Doctor, not a TB-stricken, alcoholic Dentist, gunfighter!”

    And what’s with only one mustache among the four? Must be a story there.

    1. Haaa ! good point on the Doc.
      Kelley actually played in a few Westerns before he got on Star Trek. He was never outta work.

      “Mustaches”?? You’re right. Guess Mustaches weren’t “IN’ that year. ??

      That’s a great Trivia question isn’t it? Can people name the Actors playing the Earps and Doc Holiday? Most fans can get 3 of them hardly ever the 4th one.

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