Passing by … Gunfight at the OK Corral … Part 2: Triva

Gunfight at OK Corral / Frankie Lane / 1957

In response to comments about Deforest Kelley as
Morgan Earp and later as Dr. McCoy on Star Trek:

Interesting stuff …

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3 thoughts on “Passing by … Gunfight at the OK Corral … Part 2: Triva”

  1. Sure. If your intent was to shoot. Seems like Ike was acting as if he wanted to stop the fight. May have understood that sharp-shooting, well-rested, and pissed off Earps had a big advantage over still drunk?, up all night young ‘uns. Once he realized he couldn’t stop it, he wisely figured the best thing to do was get the hell out of the way of all the bullets! But maybe there’s more here than meets the eye. (Like maybe Ike had a knife, and was trying to get close enough to use it. Before he could, he was tossed aside. All speculation-but isn’t that what makes all this so much fun?)

      1. ‘Spoze we’ll never know. It’s so easy to judge from here isn’t it!? Yeah, I would want to get into a shootout with the Earps even if I was ready for it.

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