Bass Reeves Lawman – Paramount Series

Per usual, entertainment events like this
are prefixed with a banner saying:
“Based upon true events”
“Based upon true characters”
Then they go about doing whatever they please.
(Which isn’t always bad )
Just don’t anticipate documentary accuracy or truth.
You can get that on YouTube.
This is about Entertainment Pardner.

Pretty  hefty  reviews.

Bass Reeves

July 1838 – January 12, 1910

Wikipedia Says:
Bass Reeves (July 1838 – January 12, 1910) was a former enslaved person turned American lawman. He was among the first Black deputy U.S. Marshals, and the first west of the Mississippi River.
He worked mostly in the Indian Territory.

Reeves was born a slave, but broke free during the American Civil War
where he joined and fought in the Confederate Army.
After the war, at age 37, Reeves was hired as a Deputy Federal Marshal
because he could speak several Native languages.
Reeves worked for 32 years as a federal peace officer in the Indian Territory.
He brought in some of the most dangerous fugitives of the time;
was never wounded despite having his hat and belt shot off
on separate occasions.

Reeves recorded thousands of arrests – some accounts claiming over 3000.
According to his obituary, he killed 14 outlaws to defend his life.
He also had to arrest his own son for murder
who was sent to prison for 11 years.
Reeves was married twice and had eleven children.

In 2011, the US-62 Bridge, which spans the Arkansas River between Muskogee and Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, was renamed the
Bass Reeves Memorial Bridge.

 In May 2012, a bronze statue of Reeves by Oklahoma sculptor Harold Holden was erected in Pendergraft Park in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

In 2013, he was inducted into the Texas Trail of Fame.


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4 thoughts on “Bass Reeves Lawman – Paramount Series”

    1. I don’t Stream either. I’m about 10 country miles away from all Tech stuff. I still use a Telegraph (joke).
      But most of these go to Netflix eventually anyway.
      And I have my suspicions I won’t be a fan either GP.

  1. Thanks so much for posting. Can’t wait until this series is released on free platforms. I’m so heartened to see him being so honored.
    I found the photo you posted interesting in many ways.
    -How some were dressed in the “Keystone Cops” garb, and others in plain Western wear, showing this was a transition period. Also interesting that the Black officers were seated up front. Not sure if that was meant to honor or dishonor. Another thing I had read, was that it was common for former Confederates to “look away”, (as in the lyrics to “Dixie”), from the camera in order to identify themselves as such. In this photo, you see one man doing this.

    And I was rather shocked to read that Bass fought for the Confederacy! I guess they were in such need for soldiers that even their desire to see slaves returned was superseded. Interesting that Bass is not looking away. Probably shows that maybe his enlistment was more a matter of convenience?

    Hey J Alberta-do we need to leave our information every time we post, or will one time suffice.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Dan,

      Didn’t know about the “look away” though I always loved that song. Mickey Newbury does a nice job on that.
      I think these guys were respected for sure. Hell, your life sometimes depended upon them.
      I figure quite a few Blacks fought for the Confederacy if they had the chance. I would have.
      Never mind about that information thing. My Blog seems to screwed up a bit and I’m not the greatest Blog operator either. Hopefully that is not required.

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