Gordon Lightfoot passes …

Gord’s first Album / 1966

Such a long, long time Gord, I’ve loved your music.
Thank You for sharing your gift.

Author: jcalberta

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6 thoughts on “Gordon Lightfoot passes …”

  1. Thank you Jeremy for sharing all the creative journeys both Rose and you have made! They’ve been a treasure to view, loved the Alberta 🏔️ mountains!!!

    1. I have a ton of work still to post. Way behind. I’ve had a ton of good karma with Rose. Otherwise I would never have been on all these adventure. Thank You for your nice comment.

  2. He was one of a kind. No matter if it was one of his own song or a cover of another song, you knew it was Gordon who was singing it. R.I.P. to a favorite singer.

  3. Gordon’s music has touched my heart and life for many years. It was an important and immense gift that I was able to attend his concert last October.
    Grateful, he made a difference by being amongst us!

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