Day 1 in Banff …

On the way in we spotted a herd of Elk by the roadside.

Waiting for the bus?
To be honest, when I go to Banff  I don’t count
on seeing much Wildlife.
The crowds scare them off.
Jasper National Park is much better.

The first night:
Banff Park Lodge.

Nice place.
Almost empty though at this time of year.

It’s mostly skiers that are in town.
That guy standing out front already has got his ski boots on.
He’s heading over to catch the ski bus across the street.

Check in …

Next: Mount Rundle

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3 thoughts on “Day 1 in Banff …”

  1. This is another great post about your trip to Banff. These are great pictures of the mountains and the Elk. There is a lot of snow on the mountains. The hotel entrance looks very nice , did you look around downtown Banff on your visit? The weather also looks very nice. I hope you are doing well?

    1. We were lucky on the Weather. It was supposed to snow and be cold, but it was sunny and nice. Lots of snow up there still. Run off just starting.
      We are doing OK. Hope you and your family are doing the same.

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