Oscar !

We’re popping Champagne tonight !!!
My Oscar arrived today. Special Delivery.
Winner for Visual Effects Imaging/Editing in Film.

Visual Effects Editing is one of the minor Academy Awards
It receives no fanfare.
BUT it’s not ‘minor’ around here!

My nomination was forwarded through The Guild of American Film Arts and Artists – affiliated with the Academy of Screen Writers.
It was judged “for exceptional Artwork and renderings thereof in modern still media for Film”.
This was brought to their attention mainly because of my work in improving old Movie Poster Artwork over the years.

Truthfully, I never really expected to win,
but just to nominated is an Award in itself.

Below is an example that I did recently:

Not my best example, but I think you’ll get the picture.
(no pun intended)
Over the years, I’ve done this to literally hundreds of Posters and Images
that are out there.
Salvaged and saved – and literally nobody knows that I did it.

And I’ve done a lot of other related work as well.
Like this very famous photo of Billy the Kid.

Original Photo
My Edited Photo 1
My Edited Photo 2

When I put these back out onto the Net
very few people realize it was me who did this.
But I am not an expert. Purely self taught – and there’s much I don’t know.
I just do it for fun.

It’s obvious what I’ve done to these images above.
What isn’t obvious is the many hours that it took. Sometimes days.
Edits to Resolution/Sharpening; Brightness; Gamma; Cropping; Color (balance, Hue, Tone, Selection; Colour Replacement; …) Contrast; Saturation; Tinting; Shadows; Temperature; Alignment;
Straightening; and a dozen other things.

Then I put it back out onto the internet. No fanfare.
I don’t sign it. Maybe I should because at times
some of my work has been claimed by others.
But I don’t really care
The images weren’t mine to begin with.

Here’s an example of ‘poetic license’ with my own photos:

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia /  2016
Look at all those people!

But later … they just disappeared.

This is why it often takes me so long to make a Post at times. I don’t just throw something up on the board. It has to pass my standards.
Yet you can find mistakes I’ve made on nearly every Post I make.
LoL! I’m no GOD – to be certain.

Yes, at times I’ve taken ‘liberties’ with some images. But this is something I never want to do. I always want to stay true to the original Art and Artist.
My own (many photos) are the exception. I should sign those.

But pretty well EVERYTHING I post has been reworked a bit.
It’s a ‘Labour or Love’ for me. I enjoy it.
I take – nor ask – any money.

Image from The Black Swan / four images spliced together / Can you tell?

So now I await my ship to come in:
$80,000 US. Academy Award money.
BUT if it doesn’t arrive by April 1 …
It probably never really existed?

Author: jcalberta

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8 thoughts on “Oscar !”

  1. Also, you should sign your work, even if it’s embedded just so those who like to know who did the work will know who it is. Many of us hate publishing material when no one has claimed it. I know I do. Besides, we get little enough credit in our lives. Take some. Enjoy!

    1. Ah … exactly as you say. i have a ton of stuff out there on the net now that NOBODY knows i fixed up. i enjoy doing that, but … yeah.

  2. Did you win or were you nominated? Just getting nominated is a very big deal, but it’s nice when it comes with — as Garry puts it — hardware and a check. IF you won, HUGE congratulations. If not, hey, got NOMINATED. That’s AMAZING.

    1. i was replying to Don that this whole thing was a typical mistake by me. i was creating an April Fools joke and posted it by accident before it was finished. i believe the version you probably got in the mail was an unfinished mess – which i then attempted to fix and reposted it on my blog in mostly finished condition …
      my God. i get dumber as i go along.
      the Art manipulations you see really are all my work. that’s genuine. maybe i should mark them?
      but NO !!! sadly i never got nominated for NUTHIN’.
      you know Marilyn, i could use $80,000 dollars.
      LOL !

    1. no … sadly.
      what happened was this. I was fixing this to be an April Fools joke. THEN i posted it by accident when i was working on it. i couldn’t Recall it back so i had to furiously edit it – as you could see in the email it was a mess. but i got it polished a bit and reposted it on my Blog page.
      geeeeeez. you know Don, i get stupider (is that a word?) as i get older. not wiser.
      here’s another thing. when i fool people, i feel guilty!!! LoL.
      maybe i should get out of this trade.
      those manipulated images ARE all my work however.

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