Honey Bees !!!

Honeycomb / Jimmy Rodgers / 1957

Back a few years when I went to the Garden Center
there were so many Honey Bees on the flowers
that it was hard to get near them.

Suddenly that changed.
Climate, disease, mites … ???
Decimated the Bees.

But we need Bees. They are important.
Not just for Honey.
They are vital to the Ecosystem.

Author: jcalberta

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  1. Congrats on your team’s win jcalberta 🙂 I tried to leave the reply under that post, but I keep getting a message that the “nonce verification failed”

    1. That team was mostly unsung and unknown players – few would be called Stars.
      “nonce verification failed”??? I think my blog is corrupted John … I’ll contact my friend and see if he can fix it.

  2. I think too few people realize HOW important those bees are! We have a lot of beekeepers around here and those domestic bees are surprisingly tame. Now, there are also the hornets and wasps who serve no useful purpose that I know of …

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