Saint Nick …

Silent Night / Mannheim Steamroller

I worked as a Greeter at Home Depot for 7 years.
And though this was a job that a people wouldn’t hold in high regard,
it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.
Because I got to help people,
Customers and Co-Workers alike.
the whole time I was there.
And got paid for it!!!
That’s a pretty good deal!!

And soooo …
The last year I was there they came and asked me
if I would you be SANTA for them?
This took completely by surprise,
and for second I had to think about?
Then … “with my nose so bright” …
I said YEAH!

And the more I thought about it,
the realized what a great Honor this was!

There aren’t many beings around who are greater
Champions of Giving than Santa Claus.
So to me this became the opportunity of a lifetime.

An opportunity that I could have missed.

But I didn’t …

Have a Great Season.


Blessings to All …

Below is an excerpt from the 1951 Film Scrooge starring Alastair Sim –
my favorite version of Charles Dickens Masterpiece, A Christmas Carol.
I consider this film a Masterpiece as well.
I watch every year and marvel at it. And I always cry. It is a Classic.
For Sim is the perfect Scrooge and immortalized himself
with his wonderful portrayal.
There is colorized version as well.

A few cards I’ve created over the years.

These times are tough for many.
But Christmas … like anything … is still what we make it.
The Cratchits’ knew it well. It’s about Love.
Not presents.
Just who’s present.
Best to You and Yours.