James Stewart … My Top Ten Western Stars … Pt. 1…

I started this a while back, but I got distracted.
I was sick for quite a while and I got distracted by other things … Life.
This is just one of a few topics I need to finish before I die.

“I sort of got into Westerns… It was a sort of desperation move, really.
I had several pictures that didn’t go very well, and I just realised that I would have to try something else.”
– James Stewart

What can you say about James Stewart as a Western Movie Star?
You might he shoulda bin first on my list ! … and I wouldn’t argue.
Because in Westerns he had it all:
The drawl, the walk, the demeanor … everything.
Including a ton of charism/Star Power with Acting Talent.
So … if you think this was an easy selection … you’d be right.
Stewart was born to be Westerns and he made several Western Classics:

Winchester 73 / 1950

Winchester 73 (1950) - Toronto Film Society

“100%”!!! WOW.

Posterazzi Winchester '73 James Stewart 1950 Movie Masterprint Poster Print (14 x 11) : Amazon.ca: Home

JAMES STEWART in WINCHESTER '73 -1950-, directed by ANTHONY MANN. Poster by Album - Fine Art America

“7.6” out of 10 / Not so generous.
But most Westerns Movie fans regard this as Classic.

Tony was an uncredited extra in the movie.
You gotta pay your dues.

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  1. Jimmy Stewart, Winchester 73 a black & white classic if u pay close attention Tony Curtis portray union soldier…. awesome.

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