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William S. Hart / Billings, Montana.

30 Jul

I want to be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart / Patsy Montana

Dedicated to STW, WIlliam S. Hart and Folks of Billings, Montana.

ART from the 70’s # 6

29 Jul

One of these Nights / The Eagles / 1975

God Save the Queen

24 Jul

Thanks to friend Jonathan for video

Amazing Sports Events # 183

15 Jul

“Cricket ??!!!!” you say??
He must be out of his mind. 
Well, I do keep an eye on ALL sports. 
Because REALLY amazing things happen in Sports. 
Cricket – whether us North American people know it or not – 
is about the the most popular Sport on the Planet – outside Soccer
SO … Yesterday (all my troubles seemed so far away)
England – who invented the Sport – wins the World Cup of Cricket

for the first time – after 44 years of heartache and disaster.
BIG BIG CELEBRATION going on over there. 
And it was a truly amazing match.

Carry on Lads!

ART from the 70’s – # 5

14 Jul

The Long and Winding Road / The Beatles / 1970



Happy Canada Day

4 Jul

And a Happy 4th of July to our American Friends.
Let us celebrate this rare time in history where we have Nations
that care more about Freedom more than power.

The Orange & Brown Photography blog

                         Happy Canada Day

Image result for Canada Day From the Web

Today July 1’s  is Canada’s 152 Birthday.  Across the country the day will be celebrated in many ways with parades, musics and Fireworks. The biggest celebrations took place in Canada’s capital Ottawa were they had an afternoon concert and there will be an evening concert. Then the evening will finish of with a fireworks display.

In our city activities for Canada Day are being held in our city downtown. With activities at Studio Bell Home to the National music center and also New central Library. The activities continue at Princes Island Park and River front with a concert. The evening will then be finished with fire works display at 11 Pm.

Canada day 018 Canada Day Fire Works 2018

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ART from the 70’s – Post 4

1 Jul

simple man / lynyrd skynyrd / 1973


Dedicated to my friend Don Ostertag


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