I want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart / Patsy Montana

Dedicated to STW, WIlliam S. Hart and Folks of Billings, Montana.

One of these Nights / The Eagles / 1975

Thanks to friend Jonathan for video

"Cricket ??!!!!" you say??
He must be out of his mind. 
Well, I do keep an eye on ALL sports. 
Because REALLY amazing things happen in Sports. 
Cricket - whether us North American people know it or not - 
is about the the most popular Sport on the Planet - outside Soccer
SO ... Yesterday (all my troubles seemed so far away)
England - who invented the Sport - wins the World Cup of Cricket

for the first time - after 44 years of heartache and disaster.
BIG BIG CELEBRATION going on over there. 
And it was a truly amazing match.

Carry on Lads!

The Long and Winding Road / The Beatles / 1970



And a Happy 4th of July to our American Friends.
Let us celebrate this rare time in history where we have Nations
that care more about Freedom more than power.

simple man / lynyrd skynyrd / 1973


Dedicated to my friend Don Ostertag


sit yourself down / steve stills / 1970


Dedicated to my friend Dale Richards



In 1969 I studied ART at The Alberta College of Art.
It's now called Alberta University of the Arts.

It's a Beautiful Day Today / Moby Grape '69

I was a poor student. 
I'd told my folks that I intended to become a Commercial Artist.
(They're called Graphic Designers now)
It didn't take me long to discover that I didn't have the

discipline for that.
They didn't even use computers in those days.
I chose sculpture instead - and came away with nothing.
But in the meantime I drew stuff.
Lots of stuff.
And it's been sitting in a box for 50 years. 

Here's what some of it looks like:



I've more ... lots more.

Nice write up on a Rory Calhoun Western - one of the great Western Stars of the 50's.

I warned ya 'bout the cussing.

High Ratings.


Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover / Vera Lynn

To you from failing hands we throw The torch ...

be yours to hold it high.

Love these old time Cowboys !

TODAY / The New Christie Minstrels 1964

Game of Thrones Theme / Taylor Davis

New Trailer:

April 14

Deadwood / Main Theme

Deadwood fans are something like Trekkies.
They've been harrassing HBO ever since the series was shut down.
Well ... it worked. For at least one movie anyway.
Possibly to wrap things up.
It is a good series.

Coming Spring 2019

Ride On.

It's Only a Paper Moon / Ella Fitxgerald

Truly a rare Celestial Masterpiece.

Not just an Eclipse (which is a rare enough event in itself) but a Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse

If such events mean anything - such as Portents (and I think they must) - then there must be a humdinger of a story behind this one.
The trick is - as always - in figuring it out.

I don't by any "End of the World" or Apocalypse crap, but I do try to see what 'rings true' for me.
I'd like to think that I have the Spiritual tools within me to discover this for myself.
And sometimes I do. But I don't have answers yet.

Meanwhile I'll just howl at the moon.

Wolf Howl

A friendlier Golden Moon.

The next chance for another glimpse of a Super Blood Wolf Moon won’t come until. Nov. 8, 2022.


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