My favorite scene from The Vikings (1958)

The Vikings (1958)

The Vikings Theme / Mario Nascimbene

Always a film favorite of mine. I’ve watched it several times.
And will again. That places it as a Film Classic for me.

The Climactic Fight (BIG spoiler!)

“How he hastens to his death.”

We all know that Kirk could handle himself, but we might not know that
Tony Curtis was also very athletic and one of the
|best sword Action fighters in filmdom.
This fight scene with Viking broadsword doesn’t really showcase his skills,
|but it’s still a brilliantly choreographed piece of Action Filming from 1958.

“Why did he hesitate?”

If you’ve never seen The Vikings, don’t hesitate.
Great Stars, great Action, great writing, dialogue, cinematography … everything.

Great stuff. 

Happy Birthday KIRK !! … 100 years.

My Heroes have always been Cowboys / Waylon Jennings












Lonely are the Brave

The Way West

The War WagonThere was a Crooked ManA GunfightPosseThe VillainThe Man from Snowy RiverDRAW !

Kirk’s most important work:


The Douglas Foundation was founded by motion picture icon Kirk Douglas and his wife Anne in 1964, and stands as one of the entertainment industry’s largest and oldest private philanthropic institutions. The Foundation represents the charitable interests of the Douglas family and is committed to carrying on the vision of helping others who might not otherwise be able to help themselves.

Kirk has never forgotten where he came from.

Dusters Down Under: Part 9: The Proposition

I’ve been somewhat reticent in placing The Proposition among my Dusters Down Under. It certainly qualifies as a Western, and it’s a well made film, but it’s excessive violent and brutal scenes is something that I would warn others about – and of which I believe has negatively impacted it’s popularity.

Be forewarned.

The Proposition (2005)




kangaroo bar

THE PROPOSTION imdb review

THE PROPOSTION rotten tomatoes review

Guy Pearce
Ray Winstone
Danny Huston
John Hurt


Australian Film Institute:
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Original Music Score
Best Production Design

Australia Film Critics:
Best Cinematography
Best Musical Score

Chlotrudis Awards:
Best Screenplay – Original (Nick Cave)

Inside Film Awards (IF Awards)
Best Cinematography
Best Film
Best Music
Best Production Design:

San Diego Film Critics:
Best Supporting Actor (Ray Winstone)

Venice Film Festival:
Gucci Prize

Dusters Down Under: Part 8: The Man from Snowy River: Part 2

The Man from Snowy River (1982): Part 2

The Man from Snowy River / Main Theme. Bruce Rowland composed the music for the film, and also conducted the orchestra during the recording of the album. The powerful, brilliant soundtrack drives the film

The Man from Snowy River banner

The Man from Snowy River tagline

The Man from Snowy River / Jessica’s Theme

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The Man from Snowy River posters

Notice anything about these posters? Kirk Douglas – among the greatest Western Film actors of all time, and who has an important and prominent role in the movie (two roles in fact!!) receives next to no Billing or on the posters. ????

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The Man from Snowy River review rotten tomatoes The Man from Snowy River review imdb

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The Man from Snowy River kirk douglas
Kirk Douglas … the one and only
The Man from Snowy River kirk douglas 2
Kirk Douglas … Role 2
The Man from Snowy River tom burlinson
Tom Burlinson
The Man from Snowy River Sigrid Thornton
Sigrid Thornton
The Man from Snowy River thornton and burlinson
Thornton and Burlinson

Dennis Hopper Western Filmography …

Dennis Hopper Western Filmography

I count Dennis Hopper’s appearances in at least two Western Classics: Gunfight at OK Corral with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas (1957); and True Grit (1969) with John Wayne. Even if Western movie fans didn’t count these movies as Classic, it would be recognized that Hopper had appeared with three of the Greatest Western Movie Stars of all time: Wayne, Lancaster and Douglas.

Some Western fans may also include Hang ’em High (1968) with another of the Greatest Western Actors of all time: Clint Eastwood; and The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) with John Wayne (again), Dean Martin and Earl Holliman.

Among Western TV Shows. Gunsmoke and Bonanza would well be considered Classics. Cheyenne ? (Note: Hoppers roles in the TV Westerns were as a Guest Star – not a regular.)

Even so, not a bad legacy for one the legendary bad boys of the Entertainment industry.

hopper cheyenne

hopper sugarfoot

gunfight at ok corral dennis hopper

hopper from hell to texas

hopper zane grey

hopper rifleman

hopper the young land

hopper wagon train

hopper the dakotas

hopper bonanza

hopper gunsmoke

hopper sons of katie elder

hopper jesse james

hopper will sonnett

hopper the big valley

hopper hang em high

hopper true grit

hopper kid blue

hopper mad dog morgan


Kirk Douglas … Awards


“It seems as if only now I really know who I am. My strengths, my weaknesses, my jealousies – it’s as if all of it has been boiling in a pot for all these years, and as it boils, it evaporates into steam, and all that’s left in the pot in the end is your essence, the stuff you started out with in the very beginning.”

KIrk Douglas Awards
KIrk Douglas Awards
The Bronze Wrangler
The Bronze Wrangler


Inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1984.

Received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Jimmy Carter on 17th January 1981. This is the highest US honor a civilian can receive.

Received a UCLA Medal of honor 14 June 2002 from the University of California, Los Angeles, during school’s graduation ceremony for theater, film and television students.
Previous recipients include former US Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, and actors Laurence Olivier and Carol Burnett.

AFI Life Achievement Award:
1991 Accepted AFI Life Achievement Award
Academy Awards:
1996 Honorary Award for 50 years as a creative and moral force in the motion picture community
1995 nominated for Honorary Awards
1956 Lust for Life nominated for Best Actor
1952 Bad & the Beautiful nominated for Best Actor
1949 Champion nominated for Best Actor
Berlin International Film Festival:
1975 Posse nominated for Competing Film
New York Film Critics Circle Award:
1956 Lust for Life won for Best Actor
1951 Detective Story nominated for Best Actor

President of jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1980.

Member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1970.

He was awarded the American National Medal of Arts in 2001 from the National Endowment of the Arts.

“Unknown to many, Kirk has long been involved in humanitarian causes and has been a Goodwill Ambassador for the US State Department since 1963. His efforts were rewarded in 1981 with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and in 1983 with the Jefferson Award. Furthermore, the French honored him with the Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. More recognition followed for his work with the American Cinema Award (1987), the German Golden Kamera Award (1987), The National Board of Reviews Career Achievement Award (1989), an honorary Academy Award(1995), Recipient of the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award (1999) and the UCLA Medal of Honor (2002).”

Helped break the Hollywood blacklist by hiring Dalton Trumbo, a member of the “Hollywood Ten”, to write the screenplay.
Despite widespread criticism from many in the industry, including John Wayne and Hedda Hopper, Douglas refused to back down and Trumbo received a screen credit under his own name.
When presenting Douglas with an honorary Oscar for lifetime achievement at The 68th Annual Academy Awards (1996) (TV), Steven Spielberg thanked Douglas for his courage.

His star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is at 6263 Hollywood Blvd.

Has a street named after him near Palm Springs International Airport: Kirk Douglas Way. (2004)


Kirk Douglas / Author of books:
The Ragman’s Son: An Autobiography (1988, memoir)
Dance with the Devil (1990, novel)
The Gift (1992, novel)
Last Tango in Brooklyn (1994, novel)
Climbing the Mountain: My Search for Meaning (1997, memoir)
My Stroke of Luck (2002, memoir)
Let’s Face It: 90 Years of Living, Loving, and Learning (2007, memoir)


Kirk Douglas’ Blog

Kirk Douglas … Westerns Filmography

Kirk Douglas as

along the great divide
1951 – with Walter Brennan and Virginia Mayo – Kirk’s first Western – he was 35 years old.
The BIg Trees
1952 – Acted for free, in order to break up his contract with Warner Bros.
The Big Sky
1952 – Directed by Howard Hawkes – nominated for two Academy Awards
Man Without a Star
1955 – Rotten Tomatoes says Kirk “shines in the hyper-macho role …”
Jack Elam appears as a treacherous gunslinger.
The Indian Fighter 3
Rated at IMDB (Internet Movie Database) as “6.4” out of 10.
I rate Elsa Martinelli as a 10 out of 10.
Gunfight at the OK Corral
1957 – Directed by John Sturges
Considered by many to be one the top Western Classics of all time – including myself.
Last Train to Gun Hill
1959 – An under-rated and worthy follow-up to Gunfight at OK Corral
The Devil's Disciples
1959 – Written by Bernard Shaw
Lawrence Olivier – Kirk Douglas – Burt Lancaster
The Last Sunset
1961 – Directed by Robert Aldrich (Vera Cruz)
who never knew how to make an ordinary movie.
Lonely are the Brave
1962 – A Classic – and unusual Western
Kirk was nominated for a 1963 BAFTA Award as “Best Foreign Actor”.
The Way West
1961 – Three great actors
plus Sally Field in her first major film role
The War Wagon
– 1967 –
Douglas: “Mine hit the ground first”
Wayne: “Mine was taller.”
There was a Crooked Man
1970 – Also starring Henry Fonda, Burgess Meredith, Warren Oates …
Never hide your loot in a rattlesnake pit …
A Gunfight
Two men who have paid their dues …
Douglas plays an ambitious politician … Dern plays himself.
The Villain
A comedy … what else could it be with Arnold as a cowboy?
The Man from Snowy River
A jewel in Kirk’s crown
Should have been nominated for Supporting role(s)
1984 – Two great actors – Westerns or otherwise – shining in their sunset
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