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Dennis Hopper Western Filmography

I count Dennis Hopper’s appearances in at least two Western Classics: Gunfight at OK Corral with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas (1957); and True Grit (1969) with John Wayne. Even if Western movie fans didn’t count these movies as Classic, it would be recognized that Hopper had appeared with three of the Greatest Western Movie Stars of all time: Wayne, Lancaster and Douglas.

Some Western fans may also include Hang ’em High (1968) with another of the Greatest Western Actors of all time: Clint Eastwood; and The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) with John Wayne (again), Dean Martin and Earl Holliman.

Among Western TV Shows. Gunsmoke and Bonanza would well be considered Classics. Cheyenne ? (Note: Hoppers roles in the TV Westerns were as a Guest Star – not a regular.)

Even so, not a bad legacy for one the legendary bad boys of the Entertainment industry.

hopper cheyenne

hopper sugarfoot

gunfight at ok corral dennis hopper

hopper from hell to texas

hopper zane grey

hopper rifleman

hopper the young land

hopper wagon train

hopper the dakotas

hopper bonanza

hopper gunsmoke

hopper sons of katie elder

hopper jesse james

hopper will sonnett

hopper the big valley

hopper hang em high

hopper true grit

hopper kid blue

hopper mad dog morgan


8 thoughts on “Dennis Hopper Western Filmography …

  1. It’s kind of weird. With all the oldies channels on cable now, we are now watching all those series again. I can still sing along with all the themes.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Oh there’s was some great one’s eh! Paladin, Maverick, Lone Ranger …
      ” Keep them doggies rollin’ … “

  2. Nice post 🙂 How did I miss that Dennis Hopper was such a staple in the Western? I saw him in Hang ’em High and The Sons of Katie Elder, but was not aware he was in so many others.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Ooop ! I shoulda qualified that he was a Guest Star on the TV Shows – not a regular. I better mention that …

  3. Rick says:

    He was in Giant. It could be counted as a Western.

    1. I agree. It was a modern western. Well, modernish. We watched it yesterday (was on Turner Classics) … and he was good.

      1. jcalberta says:

        This is a bit of a debate I’m having with one of my brothers – about what qualifies as a Western. I used to say that if there was a motor vehicle in there, that it wasn’t a Western (That’s one of the things that annoyed me about Roy Rogers: Pat Brady and his jeep Nellybelle) Yet there’s a very noticeable car in The Wild Bunch – which everyone would definitely call a Western. Soooo … sometimes it’s a non factor … other times … maybe it’s just personal. ???

      2. I think it’s setting — the west — attitude — theme … and the general sense of the story. Of course it IS personal. And something not entirely definable that makes it a western. .

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