Kirk Douglas as

along the great divide

1951 - with Walter Brennan and Virginia Mayo - Kirk's first Western - he was 35 years old.

The BIg Trees

1952 - Acted for free, in order to break up his contract with Warner Bros.

The Big Sky

1952 - Directed by Howard Hawkes - nominated for two Academy Awards

Man Without a Star

1955 - Rotten Tomatoes says Kirk "shines in the hyper-macho role ..."
Jack Elam appears as a treacherous gunslinger.

The Indian Fighter 3

Rated at IMDB (Internet Movie Database) as "6.4" out of 10.
I rate Elsa Martinelli as a 10 out of 10.

Gunfight at the OK Corral

1957 - Directed by John Sturges
Considered by many to be one the top Western Classics of all time - including myself.

Last Train to Gun Hill

1959 - An under-rated and worthy follow-up to Gunfight at OK Corral

The Devil's Disciples

1959 - Written by Bernard Shaw
Lawrence Olivier - Kirk Douglas - Burt Lancaster

The Last Sunset

1961 - Directed by Robert Aldrich (Vera Cruz)
who never knew how to make an ordinary movie.

Lonely are the Brave

1962 - A Classic - and unusual Western
Kirk was nominated for a 1963 BAFTA Award as "Best Foreign Actor".

The Way West

1961 - Three great actors
plus Sally Field in her first major film role

The War Wagon

- 1967 -
Douglas: "Mine hit the ground first"
Wayne: "Mine was taller."

There was a Crooked Man

1970 - Also starring Henry Fonda, Burgess Meredith, Warren Oates ...
Never hide your loot in a rattlesnake pit ...

A Gunfight

Two men who have paid their dues ...


Douglas plays an ambitious politician ... Dern plays himself.

The Villain

A comedy ... what else could it be with Arnold as a cowboy?

The Man from Snowy River

A jewel in Kirk's crown
Should have been nominated for Supporting role(s)


1984 - Two great actors - Westerns or otherwise - shining in their sunset

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