Calling all Quacks …

Song Bird / Eva Cassidy

I recall a joke:
Doctor to patient:
“Orthodox Medicine has yet to discover a cure for your affliction.
Fortunately for you I happen to be a quack.”

I could use one of those quacks right now.

Over the years I’ve had a big tussle with a chronic sinus condition which can magnify any cold into monstrous dimensions, but I haven’t figured
out this current affliction. Rose has is now also. So it is a bug of some kind?
I asked the Pharmacist if he was aware of anything
going around and he said NO.
And I thought it was going away a day or so ago, but then it came right back.
It’s not killing me – nor manifesting into Pneumonia …
so I’m still confident it will abate shortly .

Just really annoying.

Hanging in.

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4 thoughts on “Calling all Quacks …”

  1. I’ve had chronic sinusitis since I was a teenager. It sometimes disappears for a few years, but it got me THIS year. At least antibiotics fixed it. It can be very hard to diagnose. I usually diagnose myself because I know what that headache and medium-grade fever that never seems to go away means but doctors generally don’t.

    1. This has been on and off for years. Have never really figured it out. But this present affliction has a couple of new twists which makes me thinks there’s something else going on. Anyway the antibiotics did not work.

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