Dune …

When you read Dune you realize why it’s so been so captivating
to so many people.
It’s Spirituality.
It Rings True. It’s inspired.
That’s rare Art.
That’s also why it so hard to interpret.
It’s like the Christian Bible.
Nobody is going to agree upon ANY one interpretation.

Yet to me all interpretations of Dune -including each Mini Series –
have been well done and entertaining.
I found them enjoyable and they did at points
they captured some of that Spirituality.

I liked the first part of the current interpretation. It’s very good.
I’m certain the second part will also be well done and entertaining.

If you haven’t read the books all this will likely mean nothing.
You are free to merely enjoy the cinema.
But if you have read the books …

Current Trailers:

… may your vision not chip and shatter.