A Week in Vancouver

I’ve been Everywhere Man – Canada / Mike Ford / 2011

Rose and I were in Vancouver for a week.
Got back yesterday.
Sometimes I just gotta get away.
So I didn’t monitor my blog or any email through the week.
Apology to those by made  comments or sent email in that time.
I’ll check all that out now.

We drove out from Calgary.
That’s around 930 kilometers = 605 miles. A 10 hour drive.

Heading through the Rockies.

Next time we might fly?

But then we’d miss all this.

Cascade Mountain

Castle Mountain

Unknown Mountain

Rose drives and I shoot through the window.

British Columbia is mountains. One range after another.

An avalanche waiting to happen …

To avoid the floods near Cache Creek we head on a South route.
(But anything that keeps the crowds down is OK with me.) (joke)

Moving along …

Overnight in Salmon Arm