this journey …

I can remember a time when I didn’t consider walking to be ‘Exercise’.
Those days are gone.

I’m getting old.
I reflect on so many things I’ve been through in this life.
I was recalling the time we lived in Bassano, Alberta.
We didn’t live there very long.
And just why the heck we were there I don’t recall?
This was also just one of the 13 (?) different schools I went to …
I think that was grade 3? Maybe 4?
Doesn’t matter.
So I recall  the miserable little house we lived in there.
6 kids and Mum & Dad.
It seemed to be Winter all the time.
Our bedroom (?) was down a trapdoor from the Living Room floor.
We had to go down a ladder and when Dad closed the trapdoor,
it was pitch black down there.
Like being in a dungeon.
Another thing I recall is going out to fetch coal
from the coal bin behind the house.
School was an unpleasant misadventure.
Different kids, different Teachers, different books …
Different everything.
But I never complained.
This was just Life as I knew it.
I thought everybody lived like this.
And maybe they did?

Just part of the ride.

Author: jcalberta

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