Repost: Monte Walsh (1970) … edited

“Nobody gets to be a cowboy forever.”
– Jack Palance

Monte Walsh … a real maverick

MFW: Monte Walsh seemed to get decent promotion – lots of excellent posters –  and boasts a stellar cast …
yet somehow seemed to slip under the fence?
But I believe this is one Western that will age well and eventually earn it’s rightful place at the bar.

I’d say this is a Western Classic.

MFW: “100%” from critcs and “57%” from viewers ??
That’s a pretty large canyon.
But I liked it.

“When we get through… you’re gonna want to take a nap, sit on the porch and wait for the mares to come callin’.”

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2 thoughts on “Repost: Monte Walsh (1970) … edited”

    1. Really ? Didn’t know that. Good on Garry.
      Definitely rewatchable – Marvin and Palance. That’s Star Power. Just a damn good Western.

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