The Strange Case of Monstrus Inflictus …

One Raindrop / The Gibson Brothers 

Based upon a true story:

Only the names have been changed to protect the shameless.
Dum Da Dumb Dumb …

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – scifist 2.0

OK … I’ve given this ailment a pseudo Latin name:
Monstrus Inflictus
May you never get it.
It IS contagious.

I hate to keep going on about this thing,
but this mysterious affliction has been the center
of our lives for a month now.
I seem now to be progressively getting over it
with periodic coughing jags.
Rose is still in full swing.

Dr JEk.jpg

BUT what the hell is it?
It’s not Covid (I took a Test) and it’s not flu.
The physicians, pharmacists, internet, anyone? I’ve talked to
know nothing about it
and say they are unaware of anything ‘going around’.

Here’s the gauntlet of symptoms that started on August 23:
Sore throat and swollen glands.
Coughing (non stop)
Mucus (non stop)
Fever, headache, sweats,
laryngitis … headaches, fatigue (tiredness),
vomiting and diarrhea …
The most bizarre side effect is eye infection (like Pinkeye).

Pretty well every symptom that
would normally be associated with Flu or a Cold.
But it’s not Flu or a Cold.

We’ve taken every Cold and Flu Med in existence.

March Madness: The Academy Awards And Mr. Hyde - FANGORIA

I also took some Antibiotics from my Doc.
Which did nothing.

Positive side effects:
I think I’ve lost weight
and gained a ton of compassion.

I will go and get the new COVID and Flu shots.

Mr. Hyde and Bugs Bunny | Vinyl Art Toys | hobbyDB

I better hurry though. I think I’m morphing into Elon Musk.

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