Can You identify this Artist and Song … ?

In the early 70’s up into the late 80’s I made about 200 cassette tape recordings from music off the radio and a few albums I had …

… which I played mostly in my car – driving around the continent.

Then … my car finally blew up (I couldn’t get parts anymore).
So I put the tapes away and basically forgot about them.

Then … one day I fould a Sony Tape Deck in the garage that
had belonged to my Wife’s (Rose) Father.

I hauled it inside, cleaned it up and started to play my old Tapes on it.
Thereby discovering a lot of songs that I had almost completely forgotten.
I then to tracked these Songs down on YouTube
and converted them into MP3’s – which I now play in my car again.
However, some of these took some extensive detective work because I had  seldom noted the Identity of the Artist or the Song!

And though I’m not finished replaying all of them yet
I have only been stumped once.

This is that song which I can neither identify
the Artist or the Song title.

The Lyrics:

Well it’s four in the morning

Too cold to keep warm
and frost on the windows
and pain in the streets.

He stands alone on the stone empty sidewalk …
Just a shadow of a stranger
to the faces he meets.

He left this town years ago
and he found they just as soon
turn you down as just breath.

And nobody knows him
and he alone half frozen
and nobody knows what he needs.

And time eases the pain.
Well that’s easy to say.

Easy to say … Easy to do.
Easy to say … Easy to do.
Easy for me … Easy for you.

Nice electric quitar break here.
(This guy could play the electric guitar pretty good}

Easy to say … Easy to do.
Easy to say … Easy to do.
Easy for me … Easy for you.

You’re a surprise and to see through your eyes
You’ve heard too many lies.
To believe what he said.
And he’s got no story
of good times and glory …
No money, no hope, no dreams
For you babe.
For he’s down and he’s lonely
and you are the only illusion left
he can believe in.

His high rise horizon
Have left no surprises
For someone as wasted as he is.
And they say time eases the pain.
I say that’s easy to say.

It’s easy to say … Easy to do.
It’s easy to say … Easy to do.
Easy for me … Easy for you.

Easy for me … Easy for you.

You’d think then that this Song would be easy to identify wouldn’t you?
Since I have finally been able to get an MP3 of it off the tape …
(Thanks to Rose’s son Ray)
… and I have the Lyrics which I wrote out.
Yet NO LYRIC finding Search Engine on the Net finds this Song.
And even though you could easily guess from the Refrain
repeated 3 times the Song that it would be entitled:
Easy to Say.
It doesn’t come up.
Furthermore when I play the song for people they mostly all say
“I know that guy! I recognize his voice.”
But they still can’t recall WHO it is.

So here we are.
Any ideas?

I’ve enlisted the help of a local Country Music radio Station:
Country 105
to see if they can figure this out.
This might be the best way to go
except this song is from the early 70’s
I’ll let you know if I figure it out. 

Author: jcalberta

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5 thoughts on “Can You identify this Artist and Song … ?”

    1. Thanks GP … I’ll check that out.
      At times I’ve thought might Waylon, or Leon Russel … or Charlie Daniels … or Ray Materick? But it’s none of those guys. I’m not really confident anybody will recognize him? – it was 50 years ago. But I’m not going to quit looking.

      1. Nope. I looked at Faron – was a match for what I figured the Song Title is, but not the same song. But Thanks for trying. Most folks don’t even attempt a guess.

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