The Magnificent Seven … ??? Casting James Coburn …

The Magnificent Seven:
Casting  James Coburn / Britt

james coburn

James Coburn played Britt in The Magnificent 7.
I figured it would be very difficult finding someone to physically
match Coburn lean and lanky physique, so I put that to the side.
But I think I did find someone who could pull this role off otherwise …

Coburn as Britt

james coburn 2james coburn 3james coburn 4james coburn 5james coburn 6_____________________________________________________________

Guy Pearce as Britt?

Looking everyone over, I finally decided Guy Pearce would do a great job here.
Pearce is extremely versatile as an actor. He has the talent to
morph into any role he takes and own it. He can do Action and has already
been in one notable and highly regarded Western: The Proposition.
Whatever you want, he delivers.

Guy Pearce - The Proposition 2Guy Pearce - The PropositionGuy Pearce - The Proposition 1_____________________________________________________________

Guy Pearce - The Count of Monte Cristo 1

Guy Pearce - The Count of Monte Cristo 2_____________________________________________________________

Guy Pearce - The Time Machine

Guy Pearce - The Time Machine 2


Guy Pearce - Lockout

Guy Pearce - Lockout 2_____________________________________________________________

Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce 2

I think James Coburn would approve.

Next up:
The Magnificent Seven … ??? Casting Charles Bronson … 

The Magnificent Seven … ??? Casting Steve McQueen …

The Magnificent Seven:
Casting Steve McQueen

steve mcqueen 3
Steve McQueen / VIn Tanner

I haven’t come up with anybody to fill Yul Brynner’s boots .. yet. I’m working on it. But there’s at least one actor that might work for Steve McQureen’s role as the character, Vin.

I’m thinking of Viggo Mortensen.
Viggo has already been in a couple of excellent Westerns: Appaloosa, and Hidalgo.
His breed and his bloodlines are good. But can we talk him into it?
That might well depend on who else we can sign up …

viggo hidalgo
Viggo as Vin ?

viggo hidalgo 2____________________________________________________________________

Viggo AppaloosaViggo Appaloosa 2____________________________________________________________________

Viggo Mortensen Lord of Rings 2

Viggo Mortensen Lord of the Rings
“One Ring to Rule them All”

Yeah … a decent Vin

The Decline and Fall of the Studios …


The Decline and Fall of the Studios

“You never miss the water ‘til the well runs dry”.
– unknown

And when all the modern smoke and mirrors finally clear, well …
the well is pretty dry.

No Burt Lancasters, Charlton Hestons, Kirk Douglas’, no Hepburns, Brynners … no Fonda’s, no Wayne’s … no Astaires, no Pecks … nor Cagney’s …

The well is not just dry. It’s gone.

What happened?

I have a theory. (I always have a theory)

When the old studio film system eventually died it was a costly loss of an incredible artistic fraternity. The old studios and their moguls found and developed great STARS. They searched for and discovered talented people – then trained them – often from childhood up. They had a system; a plan; a program. And it worked. Did it ever. They looked for quality people, ability, character and talent. And found it. The list is so long, I couldn’t write it here.

Oh, it wasn’t perfect. (Nothing is). And many Stars rebelled against it – disliking it’s confinement and regimentation. Eventually it disintegrated.

I wouldn’t say there aren’t some good actors and talented people around today.

But …

The bucket seems pretty empty a lot of the time.

Especially when you see a ‘remake’.



Rumor of the Year Award: Proposed Magnificent 7 Casting:

Damon, Costner & Freeman joining Cruise in Magnificent Seven!?

Damon / Freeman / Costner

Damon / Freeman / Costner

As if Tom Cruise in a remake of “The Magnificent Seven” wasn’t interesting enough, consider this : Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Costner may be joining him.

If we can believe the somewhat unreliable British tabloids.

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The Magnificent Seven … to ride again?

Hollywood rumour mills are churning out a story that Tom Cruise is spearheading a remake of the Magnificent Seven. It seems to be in “concept” stage only at present.

In an age where we have a dearth of Western films, any such rumour is greeted with enthusiasm.

The immediate question arises: WHO ? will be the Seven ??

Casting will spell the success – or failure – of the whole project – and presents a very daunting task: how can you match or equal the almost unparalelled cast of the original movie ? that starred Yul Brunner, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn, Eli Wallach, Horst Buchholz …

Nearly every actor in the Seven was – or became – a bonafide movie Star in their own right.

Who would you cast as the Seven? Consider that Cruise likely will hold one role – possibly that which was played by Brunner (wonder if he’ll shave his head?)

It’s going to be interesting to see what they come up with.