The Decline and Fall of the Studios …


The Decline and Fall of the Studios

“You never miss the water ‘til the well runs dry”.
– unknown

And when all the modern smoke and mirrors finally clear, well …
the well is pretty dry.

No Burt Lancasters, Charlton Hestons, Kirk Douglas’, no Hepburns, Brynners … no Fonda’s, no Wayne’s … no Astaires, no Pecks … nor Cagney’s …

The well is not just dry. It’s gone.

What happened?

I have a theory. (I always have a theory)

When the old studio film system eventually died it was a costly loss of an incredible artistic fraternity. The old studios and their moguls found and developed great STARS. They searched for and discovered talented people – then trained them – often from childhood up. They had a system; a plan; a program. And it worked. Did it ever. They looked for quality people, ability, character and talent. And found it. The list is so long, I couldn’t write it here.

Oh, it wasn’t perfect. (Nothing is). And many Stars rebelled against it – disliking it’s confinement and regimentation. Eventually it disintegrated.

I wouldn’t say there aren’t some good actors and talented people around today.

But …

The bucket seems pretty empty a lot of the time.

Especially when you see a ‘remake’.



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2 thoughts on “The Decline and Fall of the Studios …”

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to add a thought to your theory:

    In the early period, everything was new. They were pioneers… the studios, the actors the directors…. it was new territory.

    Nowadays the intent is to outdo, improve on… the past. We rely on technological feats to top what has been done. It looses the human element … the personality, the dialogue, the emotions. In the early days, the actor had to carry the movie. Nowadays we rely more and more on technology to dazzle the audience.

    Quite frankly, it’s often too much.

    Have a nice day, Rose

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