The Magnificent Seven … ??? Casting James Coburn …

The Magnificent Seven:
Casting  James Coburn / Britt

james coburn

James Coburn played Britt in The Magnificent 7.
I figured it would be very difficult finding someone to physically
match Coburn lean and lanky physique, so I put that to the side.
But I think I did find someone who could pull this role off otherwise …

Coburn as Britt

james coburn 2james coburn 3james coburn 4james coburn 5james coburn 6_____________________________________________________________

Guy Pearce as Britt?

Looking everyone over, I finally decided Guy Pearce would do a great job here.
Pearce is extremely versatile as an actor. He has the talent to
morph into any role he takes and own it. He can do Action and has already
been in one notable and highly regarded Western: The Proposition.
Whatever you want, he delivers.

Guy Pearce - The Proposition 2Guy Pearce - The PropositionGuy Pearce - The Proposition 1_____________________________________________________________

Guy Pearce - The Count of Monte Cristo 1

Guy Pearce - The Count of Monte Cristo 2_____________________________________________________________

Guy Pearce - The Time Machine

Guy Pearce - The Time Machine 2


Guy Pearce - Lockout

Guy Pearce - Lockout 2_____________________________________________________________

Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce 2

I think James Coburn would approve.

Next up:
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