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The Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan … Part 3

15 May

musica-prehispanic –jorge-reyes

Carmen – our Guide – shows us how Mayan Temples used to look – brilliantly colored and illustrated. 

At last … there it is: The Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan!

So why is Pyramid of Kukulkan so special? There are others that are bigger and more impressive.
But there are several reasons that I will reveal shortly.

Our motley crew.

Up until recently they used to let people clamour all over this. And, of course,
everybody wants to do that. Me too.
BUT this is a very important artifact and thousands of people climbing on it
will eventually destroy it. So I’m glad they stopped that. 

Getting the vibe.

93 steps …

Coming Next: Amazing things about this Pyramid

The Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan … Part 2

8 May

musica-prehispanic –jorge-reyes

Fierce, Majestic, Mysterious

What can be said of the Ancient Maya? –  a massive Civilization/Culture
that spanned beyond 3500 years throughout Central America.
Much, much more than I have room for here.

And much more to be revealed.

File:Carte Empire Itza 1519.tif
Recent aerial laser technology has revealed over 60,000 manmade structures in in Central America. 
Many appear to be large pyramids. They don’t have the enough time, money, or people to investigate them.
Most will remain a mystery far beyond our lifetime.

The Mayans/Aztecs built immense Pyramids – several bigger than the Pyramids in Egypt.

Without the wheel or metal tools.

Entering Chichen Itza

Looks like a fortress … 

It was pretty hot so I opted to buy a hat.
I’ve had sunstroke once so this would protect the back of my neck.

Unfortunately this made me look more like Belloq – the Raiders bad guy – than Indy. 

Hmmm …

UNESCO Historic site.


Oh shush!

Next: Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan

The Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan … Part 1

30 Apr

Warning: Geezer Alert

Quetzalcoatl / Caleb Hennessy

The Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan

Net Photo

One of the 7 New Wonders of the World

Justly so.

For me, this was the highlight of our Holiday to the Yucatan. It deserves special treatment.
As a kid I had wanted to be an Archeologist or Paleontologist. In the 60’s I had lived in the Drumheller, Alberta for 5 years – the Badlands of Alberta – and I had made many trips up into the surrounding hills to gather a large collection of Dinosaur Bones, Petrified Wood, Fossils, etc. Likewise I have always been very interested in Ancient History and civilizations. To go to Yucatan and Chichen Itza seemed like a dream beyond my reach.

Yet here we were.
Life has it’s wonders and mysteries. I ride the carpet.

Did I know I was going to see the Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan / Quetzalcoatl? No. Absolutely not. This was all arranged by Rose, my partner.
I don’t believe she could have known how much this would mean to me?

That’s another wonder in this world. 

Truthfully though, I don’t know that I would have made a good Archeologist?
I’m not much for pecking in the dirt with a brush and trowel.
I’m more inclined to grab the loot and run for the door.

Maybe not such a good idea.

Anyway … I’ve called on a couple of friends to help me out.

We’ve got this.

Onward! Part 2



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