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Carmen – our Guide – shows us how Mayan Temples used to look – brilliantly colored and illustrated. 

At last … there it is: The Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan!

So why is Pyramid of Kukulkan so special? There are others that are bigger and more impressive.
But there are several reasons that I will reveal shortly.

Our motley crew.

Up until recently they used to let people clamour all over this. And, of course,
everybody wants to do that. Me too.
BUT this is a very important artifact and thousands of people climbing on it
will eventually destroy it. So I’m glad they stopped that. 

Getting the vibe.

91 steps …

Coming Next: Amazing things about this Pyramid

2 thoughts on “The Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan … Part 3

  1. It looks hot outside. It would have been great to try and climb the steps. Nice shots!

    1. jcalberta says:

      Oh I wanted to climb up there for sure. And go inside. You could at one time.
      Yes it was hot for us. Not for an Arizonan I bet. I gave Rose my hat after a while – she was feeling it.

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