Heading out …

Ghost Riders in the Sky / Craig Duncan

Going to Banff for 3 days. (not my idea). But Banff is quiet right now. (I’m told). Cuz of Covid. Nobody is travelling except us Albertans. Had to cancel 2 holidays we had planned previously – one to Tofino on Vancouver Island – and the other to Newfoundland (which has shuttered itself up tighter than Alcatraz). So it’s been a weird year all the way around.

After Banff we come back here – then head out again – to the stomping grounds of my youth – out Drumheller way and other places around Central Alberta. There’s plenty to see and do around here – no need to go to foreign empires. This should be very interesting (for me at least). And it all seems like some kind of closure – full circle. Maybe it is. 

We’ll be taking a ton of photos and I’ll toss some up on this board. 

I hope you are all getting by OK with all that has happened  (and we ain’t ‘out of the woods yet’) It’s going to take longer than we all hoped – unless they really do come up with some kind of vaccine? Who knows? Some folks probably think things will then go back to ‘normal’. But I don’t. This has changed the world. “Going forward” is the catchphrase of the day. 

See you there. 

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