Steeds of Renown … Tom Keene

Burl Ives – The first cover of Ghost Riders In The Sky, recorded in 1949

Very sweetly done Burl.

Steeds of Renown: Tom on unidentified paint.

Tom Keene 

om Keene (born George Duryea; December 30, 1896 – August 4, 1963)

was an American actor known mostly for his roles in B Westerns. During his almost 40-year career in motion pictures Tom Keene worked under three different names. From 1923, when he made his first picture, until 1930 he worked under his real name George Duryea. The last film he made under this name was Pardon My Gun. Beginning with the 1930 film Tol’able David, he used Tom Keene as his moniker. This name he used up to 1944 when he changed it to Richard Powers. The first film he used this name in was Up in Arms.
He continued to use this name for the rest of his film career.

Somewhere in there Tom Keene made a lot of Westerns and  was a well known Western Star of his day
– as the photo below attests. 

Available on DVD
From 1930 to 1958
Though many Westerns from this era are ‘lost’

Tom still has a substantial collection.

For a superb in depth bio on Tom Keene head over to 
The Old Corral

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