Vera Cruz … Burt pitches … Coop catches

12 Nov

The Power of Projection

‘Projection’ they call it. Some actors have it. Most never will. It’s the ability to take a simple line of dialogue and make it sing; have impact; the knack of making a whisper into a shout. All the great Shakespearean actors have it: Olivier, Burton, Dench, Jacobi, O’Toole …

YET … out of the unwashed West emerged several notable thespians who entered the stage via a different door: Hollywood.

Among them was Burt Lancaster

Watch Burt in this famous clip from The Unforgiven: (1961) 4:59

Sign language scene – The Unforgiven

How many actors could pull that off?

Vera Cruz: Burt Pitches – Coop Catches

Vera Cruz also has some inspired dialogue: ‘one-liners’, verbal sparring, quotes – delivered by two masters: Cooper and Lancaster.

Coop meets Burt:

Coop meets Burt


Coop meets Burt’s Gang: “Follow him boys. We was leaving anyways”

Burt straightens things out: “Anybody else string with Charlie?”

Tell me I’m wrong, but damned if that doesn’t look like a very young George Kennedy (uncredited) standing just to Charlie’s right.

Burt sums things up: “Looks like we tied up with the wrong outfit.”

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