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  1. Garry Armstrong says:

    I first saw “Vera Cruz” in 2nd run in 1954, I believe. Not one of the top notch oaters but still lots of fun. I must confess an error in replying to my Wife, saying Robert Aldrich directed this film. Unacceptable for a movie maven to make such a mistake!! Anyway, I remember Burt Lancaster — larger than life — dressed all in black with his pearly whites — filling the screen as the charming bad guy versus Gary Cooper’s good guy. I loved the supporting cast which included Bronson, Borgy, Elam and Cesar Romero. Denise Darcel (oh, so very hot!!) had my thoughts wandering into strange places and feeling strange things for a 12 year old. Great photography and just enough tongue in cheek dialogue to still make it work.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Excellent stuff Garry. Yes, a stunning caste. Yeah … those gals didn’t hurt the scenery either.
      I recall my brother Bruce and I watching Vera Cruz on our old B&W tv back in the early 70’s and howling with laughter at some of the most classic ‘one liners’ – mostly delivered by Burt.
      I’m putting together a post on those. I think people will enjoy it.

  2. Garry Armstrong says:

    I just checked and I was right about Robert Aldrich directing “Vera Cruz”. So let’s delete my apology or I’ll apologize for apologizing. I think I am losing it!! I am looking forward to that post from you.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Dang !! you’re right. Why I thot it was Sturges I don’t know. That’s why I call myself a ‘Fan’ – not an expert.
      Aldrich made a few Westerns:
      – Apache (1954) with Lancaster
      – Vera Cruz (1954) – he was productive that year.
      – The Last Sunset (1961) Hudson, Douglas, and Dorothy Malone
      – 4 for Texas (1963) Sinatra, Martin and Ekberg
      – Ulzana’s Raid (1972) Lancaster again
      – Emperor of the North (1973) Marvin. Borgnine and Keith Caradine
      – The Frisso Kid (1979) Wilder and Harrison Ford

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