Small Miracles?

I think that Miracles happen around us all the time.
I miss most of them. Or dismiss them. Or discount them.
Or rationalize them away. ” It was just a coincidence”, I say.
Yet I’ve learned there is no such thing as coincidence.
Everything happens for a reason.
We just have to figure it out.
Sometimes it’s obvious – no need to intellectualize things.
Often not.
I call these Small Miracles.
Where no ‘seas are parted’ – no ‘mountain are moved’.
They are just there. And usually very private.
Between you and God.
Therefore important.
Not small at all.
At times a Small Miracle can be ‘life changing’.
An opportunity.
Missed – or Taken.
A missed relationship? – or a job? – sometimes a warning …
Not small at all.
I’ve had my share.
I bet you have too.
And in looking back I can see many that I missed.
We all do.
Many I just simply didn’t recognize in the moment.
Others just don’t fit in my little shoebox at that time. My Reality.
My consciousness.
So I dismissed them. Or missed them entirely.
Failed a test?
I look back now – as far as my childhood.
I’m sure I could have passed most any Test,
but I usually chose the easy way out.
And failed.
It was usually my courage that let me down.
I wasn’t ready.
Or wise.

‘Weighed and found wanting’ is the expression.
I was ‘blindsided’ – and blind.
Sometimes they came at me from an angle I didn’t even know existed.
I didn’t understand. Until later.
Too late?
And I wish I could go back …

I wonder now how my life might have been different?

Sometimes we do get it right. We  do make the right decision.
And do the courageous thing.
And Pass the Test.
These are some Triumphs and Victories.


But as I think about it all this …
I’m just very grateful that someone – or something – considers and cares about enough about me to offer me such chances. Such choices. Opportunities. Gifts.

Even if I fail.

Just a couple of days ago a ‘Small Miracle’ happened to me.
I was playing a computer game called The Division 2.
My character is “Old Kanuk” and I was exploring
a huge map of Washington DC.
‘Free roaming’ we call it.

My character ‘Old Kanuk’ – the warrior.

I came across an underground parkade.
And decided I’d go down and look around.
Who knows what I might find?

I found this:


One of Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous self-portraits.

And since I’m in the middle of creating several Posts about Van Gogh
on my Blog I was very pretty amazed.
But I REALLY have to wonder at what the odds of discovering this are ?
I didn’t even know it existed in this game and I wasn’t looking for it.

This game of Washington DC is HUGE.

I could have been in a thousand other locations on this map
and never discovered this at all. Ever.
And I’d say that if did know it existed in this game and were actually looking for it, your chances of finding it would be extremely remote.
Nothing is impossible, of course, but this would be a candidate.

Yet there it was.

No, this is not a life changing event.
But why … ??
I’ll just call it a Gift.

I needed that.

Small Miracles.

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