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John Prine: Secrets Behind His Classic Songs - Rolling Stone

John Prine died on April 7th. He had been stricken with COVID-19. He was 73.
He won two Grammy Awards in his career and was also
presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020. 

He leaves us with a tremendous legacy of songs. 

John and I never saw eye to eye on Spiritual things.
But I’m sure there’s lots of fishing in Heaven.

3 thoughts on “John Prine … covid hits home.

  1. His music always meant something to me. It was so real and so honest. And he played brilliant guitar.

  2. My husband Jim loved John Prine. He played John’s music frequently. We like the duo of John and Bonnie Raitt.

    1. jcalberta says:

      I had a few albums by John and most of his good stuff (there’s a lot) on my usb stick in the car (in spite of myself). You can download many of his songs on YouTube and convert them to MP3’s. I use this free app

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