Henry Hathaway Director of Westerns / The Shepard of the Hills / 1941

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The Shepard of the Hills / 1941


John Wayne was 34 in 1941.
Iconic. This is a pretty famous image of John. 
Wayne was about as photogenic as you get. 

I’m going to say that’s the same kind of rifle John
used in Stagecoach in 1948.
The lever loop is larger … but it’s the same kind of rifle.

Trivia (IMDB)

Shepherd of the Hills was the first film in which John Wayne worked with director Henry Hathaway. They didn’t work together again for another 19 years and then in the Sixties did four films culminating with Wayne’s Oscar winning performance in True Grit.

The Shepherd of the Hills is is the first John Wayne film in Technicolor. A high budget film, a rarity in the Depression-era.

Henry Hathaway directs this first talkie remake of two prior films versions of The Shepherd of the Hills filmed in 1919 and 1928.

The Hayes Office were shocked and appalled by the scene in which Sammy (Betty Field) removes her shirt and displays her bare back to the camera. Director Henry Hathaway assured the Office that it was actually a man doubling for Betty Field during that particular moment. Field, as well as John Wayne, corroborated this. Years later, Field revealed that it was indeed her own bare back that was shown.

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  1. This was a very good post on Henry Hathaway director of westerns. I really like the great movie posters of the movies he did. I also really like the great black and white pictures and the black and white picture that has a bit of colour in them.

    1. Thanks Quinn! Not a bad movie. There isn’t a lot of action, but it’s a good yarn. John was a popular leading man at the time, but wasn’t yet the mega superstar yet that he became.

  2. I think my dad and I watched just about every western that was put on TV. Each time I stop in here, I try to pick my favorite – but I just can’t choose!! Keep up the good work, the memories are great!!

    1. You know GP, most of these movies were made before I was born! I have to do some big homework on many of them – and some are almost impossible to find now. I was fortunate to find this one on YouTube in nice condition – in 8 parts! TCM will show one occasionally. Many have stood the test of time and are fun and interesting to watch. But not all.
      Thank you for your comment and compliment.

      1. When i was young, TV’s had VHF channels (the networks) and others on UHF, we used to see most of the very old movies on there. The problem being today is, I think, that they were made on film which deteriorates over time. If they weren’t repaired soon enough – poof. We need a TVLand type channel for these movies.

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