Frank McCarthy / Western Artist Part 2

Long Hard Ride / Marshall Tucker Band / 1976

After a while Frank was encouraged to go purely to Western Fine Art Painting. He did – and turned out a huge amount of quality work. I’m posting just a few of his images here.

Frank McCarthy

Western Paintings

Amazing! You can see the brilliance of his work. 

A great Western Artist.  


Author: jcalberta

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2 thoughts on “Frank McCarthy / Western Artist Part 2”

  1. Garry loves those paintings. I had an original set of artists proofs of a set of them, but I had no money to frame them so I gave them to someone who could fix them as needed. I wish I’d had the money to keep them.

    1. Just wish I could paint that well!
      Yes, mounting and framing can be expensive. We have a few images sitting here that need to be done.
      I bought Rose one of those small viewers that cycles through your photos from a USB stick. Otherwise they are just rarely viewed.

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