Bluenose … a photo essay … Part 5

The Old Captain / Brillig

From bow to stern …

One more turn at the wheel.

Author: jcalberta

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4 thoughts on “Bluenose … a photo essay … Part 5”

  1. This was another great post on Blue Nose 2 . I really like all the great pictures. Also like the black and white pictures . The panorama pictures were beautiful on this post . The weather looks very good for sailing .


    1. Thanks Quinn. Everything went perfect. I never got seasick and it was perfect weather for a landlubber like me. I should take more panorama pics – there’s a bit of a knack to getting good ones.

  2. Beautiful boat! That must have been a wonderful vacation. Always wanted to do that … just never got around to it. But i did own my own sailboat for a bunch of years, just not that big. Mine was teeny tiny.

    1. My bucketlist is empty now. If you can get up Lunenburg way, the Bluenose sails pretty well every day during the warm months and takes folks out on shorter sails through the day. Everything went right for us – perfect weather – enough wind – seas weren’t heavy … just awesome.

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