No denying that John Wayne was one of the most charismatic and photogenic Movie Stars who ever lived. I really do wonder if he wasn't the MOST charismatic movie Star of all time? There's a case to be made here if you look at the massive number of Wayne images on the net. Much more than I could ever post here.

Here's a few gems - without even looking too hard - and I include some interesting cartoons, caricatures, and Wayne portraits.

As you may notice, not every artist seems to be a John Wayne fan. But I guess when you're a Living Legend - plus his persona, politics, etc. that comes with the territory. I'm sure John himself probably had a good chuckle at some of the images. His shoulders were big enough to handle it.

John Wayne 6

John Wayne 3

John Wayne 4

John Wayne 2

John Wayne 5

John Wayne 7

John Wayne 8

John Wayne 9

John Wayne 10

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