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Pioneer Town 

On the way  in …

on the way in

rock formations

hummingbirds 2

Time for a break … 

sign says

sign says … thataway

no place like home

be it ever so humble …

Shrine 3

Shrine 3

Shrine 4

Shrine 4 – the Town potter is a Buddhist

Geronimos Cadillac

Geronimo’s Cadillac ?

Shrine 5

Shrine 5 … stealing is bad karma …

Mandala - Mayan Calendar

Mandala – Mayan Calendar

road runner

Sheriffs Office - Post Office

Sheriffs Office – Post Office

The lock up ...

The Lockup … Locked up

Signing off



Geronimo's Cadillac

3 thoughts on “Palm Springs Diary … Part 4: Visit to Pioneer Town … Part 2

  1. Cool. An off season ghost town!

    1. jcalberta says:

      Very few places that are closed are fun, But this was.

  2. Looking good!

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