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Joshua Tree National Park

Didn’t know much about Joshua Tree National Park – except that it was big – and had a good circle route drive – up through the High Desert.

So we stocked up on water and headed out …

Joshua Tree Sign

Cholla Cactus Forest

Cholla Cactus Forest

Cholla sign

Ever had a bunch of cactus spines stuck in you? Not pleasant. Many cactus spines have barbs and are not easy to get out. They also can easily penetrate a lot of footwear. Yeah.

Cholla castus forest ...

Careful … 

road runner

Rugged Landscape

Rugged Landscape

Sculpted rocks

Joshua Tree rock formations 3

Joshua Tree rock formations 1

Joshua Tree rock formations 4

Joshua Tree rock formations 5

Desert Landscape

Joshua Tree

Prickly Pear Cactus

Arch rock

The Arch





Resting …

Joshua Tree 2

… In the shade of a Joshua Tree

road runner

4 thoughts on “Palm Springs Diary … Part 5: Visit to Joshua Tree …

  1. Rick says:

    That is one park that I have always thought would be cool to visit. Is it?

    1. jcalberta says:

      There’s more to this place than we took advantage of – or show … a Ranger/Visitor Center … has several hiking trails … decent camp site … and our camera went dead before we reached the end. There are some expanses where not much is happening as you drive – but it was still an enjoyable outing for us – has a very good road – which they are busy improving. I would guess it’s not everybody’s piece of cake – so I cannot really promote it.

  2. Looks nifty. I have been stuck by cacti. The worst one are the tiny ones with deceptively soft barbs. Those tiny little barbs are hard to see and even harder to extract. I keep my distance!

    1. jcalberta says:

      It took me over an hour to get to microscopic barbs out of my foot. I could feel them, but couldn’t see them.

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