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Palm Springs Diary - The End

If you're guessing we had a pretty good time in Palm Springs, I'd say "Yeah!!" But I really didn't mean to make it into an encyclopedia. Pardon me on that. We were only there one week, but we did quite a bit - coulda done more. But I doubt we'll ever get back that way again.

As I said to a friend: My 'WIsh List' has changed to a 'Bucket List'. Palm Springs was never really on either list ... so I view this excursion as a nice happenstance. And it was.

On my real Bucket List I really have only one event: to sail on the Legendary Bluenose schooner - out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have my doubts that will ever manifest.

Visit to Jackalope Ranch


I think we found Clint's Hog ...

2 at the entrance

To Celebrate our last evening before heading back to Calgary (snow) we headed for the Jackalope Ranch - another of the Kaiser Family of Restaurants - which also included the Palms Springs Hogsbreath Inn (which we missed out on as it closed just before we go here)

The Jackalope

The Legendary Jackalope

The Jackalope is a mythical animal of North American folklore described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns.

"The Jackalope has bred the rise of many outlandish (and largely tongue-in-cheek) claims as to the creature's habits. Even President Ronald Reagan enjoyed the legend as he humorously teased reporters in 1980 during a tour of his Californian ranch, where he had a rabbit head with antlers mounted on his wall. ..."
More ...

There you have it ...

hog 2

I wuz tokkin' about the statue


Side Entrance


Jose's wagon ?

garden foutain

Front gardens

garden fountain 2

jackalope garden

Inside garden

rose at jackalopes

in the garden

A nice way to end our trip

Misty Roses / Tim Hardin

Return to Idyllwild

We knew it was going to be over 100 F in the valley so ... Plan B: head back up to Idyllwild for the day.

1 vista


2 on a wall

On the wall

3 lizard


4 that's a big cone

That's a big cone

5 big cone tree

Big cone tree

5a Rose at the Idyllwild Monument

Rose at the Idyllwild Monument

6 to the shops

To the shops !

7 Bonnie's Happy Look

Bonnie's Happy Look

8 rocks 8 dollars a pound

Rocks: 8 dollars a pound

10 Rose at Divine Scents Candle Gallery

Divine Scents Candle Gallery

9 mikes

Mountain Mikes and bikes

11 covet thy cinnamon bun

Covet thy cinnamon bun

12 Rose and the 5 Dwarfs

Rose and the 5 Dwarfs

13 heading back

Heading back

14 view of coachella valley

View of the Coachella Valley

Where we go when it's hot


Tim Hardin / Simple Song of Freedom (written by Bobby Darin)

Palm Springs Art Museum

Rose and I both studied Art ... so off the Museum ...









outside 2

passing by


coffee 2

Out on the sidewalk: former Patrons of Note:

Randolph Scott

Dale and Roy


The Living Desert

white bird



red dragonfly

red dragonfly



Model train

train 2





camel lot

Camel lot


pet goat

Pet goat


Beautiful giraffes

giraffes 2

gate revisited

Outta here

The Living Desert

The Living Desert is a Zoo and Botanical Garden ... of sorts - with a theme of the world's Deserts - it's plants and creatures - plus other attractions. It's large. You could probably spend the whole day here if you wanted to.

I have to confess though, that I'm not a big fan of Zoos. A lot of the animals don't seem very happy to me. Just sitting there. Not that you can always tell ... I mean what does a happy turtle look like? They don't wag their tails or anything ...

Anyway ... still plenty to see.

Zoo map

at the entrance

At the Entrance


Have you hugged your coyote today?

Cactus garden

Cactus Garden

Palm Forest

Palm Forest

In the glade

In the glade

Marilyn's Merry-Go-Round

Marilyn's Merry-Go-Round

Marilyn's Merry-Go-Round Poster

Rose Lion

Rose roars !


A steed of renown 

Lets' ride !

Lets' ride !

Yeee Hawww !

Yeee Hawww !

hummingbirds 2

Near by plaque

Nearby memorial

hummingbirds 2

Jackalope /  Zoo infirmary

Jackalope in Zoo infirmary

Joshua Tree National Park

Didn't know much about Joshua Tree National Park - except that it was big - and had a good circle route drive - up through the High Desert.

So we stocked up on water and headed out ...

Joshua Tree Sign

Cholla Cactus Forest

Cholla Cactus Forest

Cholla sign

Ever had a bunch of cactus spines stuck in you? Not pleasant. Many cactus spines have barbs and are not easy to get out. They also can easily penetrate a lot of footwear. Yeah.

Cholla castus forest ...

Careful ... 

road runner

Rugged Landscape

Rugged Landscape

Sculpted rocks

Joshua Tree rock formations 3

Joshua Tree rock formations 1

Joshua Tree rock formations 4

Joshua Tree rock formations 5

Desert Landscape

Joshua Tree

Prickly Pear Cactus

Arch rock

The Arch





Resting ...

Joshua Tree 2

... In the shade of a Joshua Tree

road runner

Pioneer Town 

On the way  in ...

on the way in

rock formations

hummingbirds 2

Time for a break ... 

sign says

sign says ... thataway

no place like home

be it ever so humble ...

Shrine 3

Shrine 3

Shrine 4

Shrine 4 - the Town potter is a Buddhist

Geronimos Cadillac

Geronimo's Cadillac ?

Shrine 5

Shrine 5 ... stealing is bad karma ...

Mandala - Mayan Calendar

Mandala - Mayan Calendar

road runner

Sheriffs Office - Post Office

Sheriffs Office - Post Office

The lock up ...

The Lockup ... Locked up

Signing off



Geronimo's Cadillac

Pioneer Town 


Sigh says: "Population 99". Must be on holiday.

On our map I spotted a place called Pioneer Town - which I hoped might be an authentic Western style attraction. But it turned out to be somewhat of a tacky tourist trap. And we also discovered upon arrival that most everything here was closed - only open on Weekends at this time of year - I've really been batting 1000 - No Hog's Breath Inn - No giant Marilyn Monroe statue - and now we come to Pioneer Town and everything is closed. Sheeesh. But it still proved to be interesting and a bit of fun.



Jack Cass Saloon

The only jack ass in town

Window shopping

Window shopping ... 

Hello !!??

stop the presses ...

Stop the presses !

Time for a bit of music ...

Time for a bit of music ...

time for a nap

Siesta ...

Town shrine

Shrine 1

Might as well steal sumpthin'

Nobody around ...

... might as well steal sumpthin'

Start the car ...

Start the car ...

Shrine 2

Shrine 2 ... Jeremiah Johnson must be around here somewhere ...


Church ...

Bank, Barber, Brothel ...

Bank, Barber, Brothel ...


Palace Pools

At the 'Palace' we had 8 pools to choose from. We humbly only used 2. One at a time.

Pool ... like glass, Baby

Like glass, Baby!

Pool ... the lap pool

The Lap Pool ... not well used ... by us.

jeremy bar

Pool 1 .... Rose

Pool 1 .... Rose

Pool 1 .... Rose too

Pool 1 .... Rose too

Pool 1 .... Me too

Pool 1 .... Me too

Pool 1 .... Me too 2

In water no one can see you're fat.

Fountain and doves ...

Deluxe bird bath

hummingbirds 2

Over the years I've travelled quite a bit - but I learned to 'live on a shoestring' because I was often low on money. But I learned that I could still enjoy life. And I did. I'm quite happy to travel cheap.

Roses has a bit of a different Idea. Not a 'bad idea' - but different.

So she finds this place called Legacy VillaLa Quinta - near Palm Springs - sort of a gated community of Luxury Condos - that you can rent. This was our 'humble abode' for our week here. Some might not think much of this ?? but it's Palatial Living as far as I'm concerned.

Legacy Gateway 3 ...

Legacy Gateway 2 ...

Legacy Gateway ...

When we got here a Country Music Festival called The Stagecoach Festival was in full swing close by - so a number of the Condos were rented out for this occasion. But after the weekend we pretty well had the whole joint to ourselves - as this 'Off Season' here. It felt like we were living like Royalty.

Legacy Gateway fountain ...

Legacy gardens 2

the entrance

The front door

view from our balcony

Fountain below our balcony

fountain in the eve ...

out back ...

Out back

Rose hiding in our humble room

Rose hiding in our humble room

Quintus Flatulence III

Quintus Flatulence III ... and fountain

Bring my chariot around to the front ...


palm springs holiday 2014



Well, Rose and I are in Palm Springs ...

I will not really be making any posts about our trip until I get back ... because I foolishly decided not to bring my laptop ... thinking that resources here would be sufficient ... WRONG ! so I haven't really got any way to post our pictures except for what I fish off the net - as below - presently using the Net at a local library in La Quinta.


It's been interesting and fun so far though ...

Downtown Palm Springs

Onward !





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