Where does all that Water come from? … 3 Days in Banff … Takakkaw Falls

My Silver Lining / First Aid Kit

Waterfall …
you are the bounty
of hidden heavens. 

Takakkaw Falls 

Whenever I see a waterfall I always wonder where all that water is coming from?
It often comes from far away. 

But in the mountains, us earthbound folk know that somewhere above – out of sight –
there is likely a glacier.

Takakkaw Falls and Daly Glacier
Net Photo – Takakkaw Falls and Daly Glacier

In the case of Takakkaw Falls this is so. 
The Daly Glacier above.

Net Photo
Net Photo – Takakkaw Falls and Daly Glacier

Daly Glacier

Like and iceberg, the waterfall is only the tip.


Upcoming … The vanishing Glaciers / Icefields …

3 Days in Banff … Takakkaw Falls Up Close

Out in the Country / 3 Dog Night

“Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under,
it will lift you up.”
– anon

Takakkaw Falls 

I apologize for may amateur video skills.
But it still gives you an idea of the thunderous power of this waterfall.

We took a ton of photos. It was pretty spectacular. 

It’s not a difficult hike up to the very foot of the Falls.

You can get a free shower up here.

Stirred … but not shaken.

Waiting for you … 

3 Days in Banff … Takakkaw Falls

Cowboy’s Lullaby / Yodeling Slim Clark (c.1951).

Takakkaw Falls 

“Takakkaw” translates to “wonderful” in Cree Native language.
And wonderful it is.
The falls are fed by the meltwater of the Daly Glacier, which is part of the Waputik Icefield

Takakkaw Falls (also spelled Takkakaw) is located in Yoho National Park, near Field, British Columbia in Canada. The falls have a total height of 373 metres (1,224 ft), making it the 2nd tallest waterfall in Canada.
The main drop of the waterfall has a height of 254 metres (833 ft).

We took a lot of pics up here. 

Did you spot the 3 people?

I don’t think they walked up there.

Three Climbers. I admire them, but I ain’t going up there.

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