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Spring 2019

Took a ride on my Norco Hybrid today – over to the Mall.
I heard rumors that exercise is good for high blood pressure.
I’m sure it is.

 Off I went. 

Norco Hybrid

Not a bad steed really. About $350 bucks.
That’s all I’m gonna spend on a bike.

Has about 20 gears – or more.
I know the low ones really well. 

But for me, it’s main modification is a larger bike seat.
Geezer size.


I recall from my body building days that the bum muscles are called Gluteus Maximus.
That’s Roman for Big Bum Muscles.
Mine are really well developed.
(I have no idea where the small ones are.)

However, I rediscovered the large ones very quickly.

Have a great summer. 

2 thoughts on “The Steed ! Equus Medius !

  1. Looks great, including the seat. I would like to buy an electric bike. Going up big hills would be a lot easier…

    1. jcalberta says:

      HEY! I’ve seen some of those around. New in Calgary. In Victoria they were common for years. Lots of hills there. Ya, might be good.

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